Moler Barber College

Oakland, California
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Moler Barber College

Oakland, California

Family owned and operated, Moler Barber College has been serving the Oakland community and East Bay Area for over 100 years. Molar provides students with hands-on training, comprehensive work experiences, education that is tailored to the California Barber License exam and by ensuring that no matter their situation, students are supported in their learning with access to numerous financial aid programs.

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Our Work 

With Moler Barber College

We assisted Moler in opening their third location in Hayward, Ca., helping them to launch their first cosmetology course. We conducted and completed a student admissions analysis, where we sent a team member to act as a interested potential student to get walked through their admissions process. We anaylized their admissions protocol and follow up, and provided feedback on how to improve the process to make for more conversions.

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. also assisted Moler in organizing and promoting their Battle of the Barbers competition whichshowcased the talent between all their Bay Area campuses, including Oakland, San Pablo, and Hayward on December 10, 2017. We created a comprehensive online and print advertising campaign.

Moler Barber College works with each student to cultivate their creativity and combine it with their proven curriculum to generate professional and dedicated barbers that are among the best in the industry. Moler graduates become licensed barbers that go on to independently run their own businesses and become sought-after barbers in the Bay Area.


Moler Barber College

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