In the recent article Forbes states that 90% of startups fail. You can prevent the fail of your startup by having a more productive marketing strategies for your company. New entrepreneur who reach out to management often spends just way too much money and soon the company is lacking funds. To ensure money is going to the right place, nowadays, some companies create their project and ideas by finding people to support them and pledge money to their ideas. Through Kickstarter crowfunding. What are some strategies for your company to be that one of the 10% startups to have a succesful kickstarter campaign.

Steps in creating and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign?

  1. Research: Know your competitor, know your range; demographics, location, and Age. What are the mission and goals you are setting for the company. Understand where to help your business grow, achieving objectives, and help your employees understand the company. How long is a campaign going to run for> Most company have less than 30 days campaign find out what will be your pace.
  2. Networking: Going to events in your industry. It help in building relationships with people around you, and opportunity for your company to be more advance.
  3. Setting Goals: Setting monthly goals for your company. Every month you want to achieve these goals you set for the employee and company.
  4. Engage and update your investors in your products: By doing so investors are less likely to back out from your project. 3 important steps on it; remind, respond, and reach out, are a great way to keep your investor in the loop.
  5. Social Media: By building a social media community. See how your follower is responding to your product and help promtion. Did you know that- adults users increase by 62% company to 2005. Social media plays an important role your campaign. Keep it updated, allow followers to reach with you and learn about the product happneing.
  6. Be concise on clear short and simple description that make people understand your product instantly, instead of using massive vocabulary that does not tell what you are trying to share with your consumer.