Typical Event Mistakes

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Typical Event Mistakes
Mistake #1: Overlooking Competing Events
When picking a date for an event, do not dismiss overlapping events. You’re going to put so much effort into getting people’s attention, regardless. Don’t let the reason people miss your event be because you did not realize that DreamForce was the same night.
Mistake #2: Confirming With Your Vendors
There are a lot of moving pieces when planning an event. It can easily get confusing managing different groups of people, especially if they are coming at different times. The best approach is to have a written agreement with your vendors so that they know where, when, and what they will be accountable for. A few days before the event, check back in and remind them of their responsibilities.
Mistake #3: Not having a Plan B
Things happen, people and technology are not always reliable. You, however, must be. Remain resilient if a vendor cancels last minute, the speaker blows out, the computer crashes, or you forget the presentation. You may have a clear idea of exactly how an event will go, but the truth is that it is never what you expect. Sometimes that’s for the better or worse. By coming into an event over-prepared, you will be able to relax and roll with the punches. “Hope for the best, plan for the worst.”
Mistake #4: Gathering all the information from your guests
You’re going to want to remember who showed up to your event. Gathering business cards at check-in is a great way to know who is there and what they do. Also, if someone didn’t register before the event, you now have their information to add to your network.
Mistake #5: Following up AFTER the event
You’ve held a successful event; people enjoyed their time and you made your impact. Now what? It is essential that you thank the people that not only attended the event, but even those that signed up. Whether they showed up or not, they have become a part of your network, and showing people gratitude is one of the fundamentals to building new relationships.

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Event Tools:

Based on our experience running events we recommend the following event planning, event management, ticket management, venue management, event follow-up, etc. tools:

Eversnap (www.eversnapapp.com) collects all your guests’ photos & videos in one central online album, which you can also show live on a screen during your event.
Eventspot from Constant Contact
EventSpot from Constant Contact (www.constantcontact.com) allows you to draw a crowd with event templates, invites, and social sharing. The Email Marketing and Surveys allow you to truly build long term customer engagement.
Eventbrite (www.eventbrite.comgives you all the online tools you need to bring people together for an event and sell tickets. The site promotes your event and assist the management process of the event itself.
Meeting Burner
MeetingBurner (www.meetingburner.com) is online meeting software which hosts your online meetings and webnairs, as well as allowing you to record and continue to make long term revenue from previous events.

Example Events:

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