For many years learning in a classroom has been the only way to acquire new knowledge. However, innovations in information technology now mean you can enroll in an online course and learn something new whenever and wherever you want to. Classroom learning is more personal and interactive, but e-Learning has its advantages too. So what is eLearning? Basically, it’s any kind of learning or development content which is delivered in a digital way. It can take the form of videos, vlogs, call conferencing, online lessons, simulation, game-based learning, or it can be instructor led. If you’re considering starting an e-Learning course, here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.
With an e-Learning course, you can learn independently, any time you want to and from anywhere in the world. The pace of the lessons will be determined by you. Course material, from providers such as, can be customized to your own needs. This provides more control over the learning process and the opportunity to better understand the subject. Learning sessions are always available, 24 hours a day. There is also a wide range of different subjects to study. Choose a subject you like and enjoy rather being restricted to what’s available in your local area.

A Flexible Way of Learning

An Effective Way of Learning

If done right, e-Learning is a very effective way of learning. Using a combination of instructional and multi-media content, it provides a rich learning experience. It can be repeated as many times as you want. Together with practical activities and feedback, the blended learning that e-Learning provides helps you retain the course content better and thereby produce better results. The control that e-Learning allows you to have also improves the learning experience.
If you’re the kind of person who cares about the environment and want to do everything you can to save our planet’s resources, e-Learning is an eco-friendly option. You’ll be saving on travel, paper, and equipment. A company that makes use of e-Learning opportunities rather than a classroom environment can reduce its energy usage and carbon footprint by up to 90% and 85% respectively. As well as cutting down on travel, the need for paper is eliminated, and resources are reduced.

Better for the Environment

Are There any Disadvantages?

In actual fact, there are very few. However, the most significant one is that e-learning may not suit everyone. As you might appreciate, we’re all very different and that also applies to learning. For example, not everyone is blessed with the self-discipline that’s require for an e-learning course. Some people may prefer the interaction with a real-live teacher that the traditional classroom provides. If you think you may have problems with this particular learning method, discuss this with the provider and the course could be adapted to suit your needs. Disadvantages aside, e-Learning is a very popular way of learning both for individuals and businesses. It’s flexible, cost-effective and convenient for millions of people worldwide. You can pick a subject you like, so what’s not to like about it.
Some ways you can take advantage of e-Learning are to follow company blogs that provide step by step information to help grow your learning and grow your business as well as White Pages which is a document that uses facts and logical arguments to inform readers about trends and industries. These are tools businesses can utilize in their e-Learning.

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