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5 Ways to Use Instagram For Your Business

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If you haven’t thought of implementing Instagram as part of the digital marketing strategy for your San Francisco Bay Area business, now is the time to start. Even if you already use Instagram for branding or customer engagement, re-evaluate your … Continue reading

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Videos

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As technology integrates itself into business, entertainment and our everyday, visual media has become one of the primary ways to communicate information and ideas. The human mind naturally prefers vision so integrating visual content into your business’s campaign is key … Continue reading

Industry Expert Tips: Build a Brand on Social Media

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David Mitroff, Ph.D. was interviewed for an expert roundtable blog article on developing a brand for businesses via social media strategies.  While developing your business’ brand and story requires strategy, there is now the expectation of implementing marketing efforts around social media. In fact, it … Continue reading

Actionable Tips for Restaurant Social Media

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David Mitroff, Ph.D. wrote a guest blog article for OnDeck, a financial service company based in New York. As a Marketing Expert, he shared tips regarding restaurant social media strategies, leveraging these platforms as tools for brand marketing: Is Your Restaurant Social Media … Continue reading

How Podcasts Can Help Your Brand and Business

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David Mitroff, Ph.D., was featured in a Huffington Post article about how the popularity of podcasts can either benefit or harm one’s PR efforts. The article questions whether or not “hosting a podcast a good PR move, or a soul-sucking obsession … Continue reading

Reaching Consumers by Showing Empathy

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David Mitroff, Ph.D., was featured in ANA Magazine about focusing on empathy within marketing. Effectively marketing to the biggest demographic of consumers can require some measured and well-thought out approach. Most brands can successfully attract the Millennials to their products and … Continue reading

Side Show: Side dishes can be star players on restaurant menus

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There’s no need to sideline your side dish offerings! David Mitroff, Ph.D. was interviewed and featured in el Restaurante Magazine in an article on how side dishes can be incorporated into a main meal. There are creative ways to utilize the side dishes themselves … Continue reading

“Lost Your Biggest Customer? Here’s Your Survival Plan”

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It’s easy to let yourself rely on big, lucrative clients. But what happens if they ditch you? David Mitroff, Ph.D. was interviewed and featured in the March 2017 issue in Inc. Magazine in an article that discusses how to recover … Continue reading

“Social Media Users Post About Their Dogs Six Times Per Week”

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Featured in NBC News, David Mitroff, Ph.D. gave his insight about the most popular social media subject: dogs. There is a new study that claims dog owners post pictures and type bout their pet dog on social media an average of six times per week. … Continue reading

Top Party Boat Rental Companies In The Bay Area

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Top Party Boat Rental Companies In The Bay Area With the beautiful San Francisco Bay views and famous skyline, the Bay Area boasts a large array of party boat rental companies. Each company has different amenities, prices, and overall customer … Continue reading

Utilizing Social Media for Law Firms

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There are several prominent social media platforms that offer San Francisco Bay Area law firms unique ways to reach new and existing clients. Instead of relying solely on a website, firms can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to … Continue reading

Lessons to be learned from the TV Show Hotel Impossible

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Hotel Impossible is a reality TV show on Travel Channel, featuring a hospitality expert Anthony Melchiorri and his team giving professional advice and consultation to hotels. This popular show is at its 7th season already since it began airing in … Continue reading

Promotional Models As An Effective Marketing Strategy

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One way to attract attention to a product or service is to hire a promotional model. Promotional models are a type of brand ambassador, except they do not have a long-term commitment to embody the brand or be a person … Continue reading

How Luxury brands market their products differently than traditional products

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In today’s competitive market, real luxury brands need to find a way to connect with customers in more creative ways without loosing its cachet and mystique, but how can luxury brands distinguish themselves from mainstream brands and traditional luxury? It … Continue reading

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  • Business & Sales Strategy
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  • Streamlining Operations; Technology Integrations

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