For any San Francisco Bay Area restaurant that prepares seafood, you can consider partnering with Seafood Watch, an organization that stems from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Seafood Watch seeks to bring awareness to environmentally friendly fishing and farming techniques. Both Bay Area business-owners and consumers can help spread the message in an easy and non-obtrusive way on ocean-friendly food choices.

As a San Francisco Bay Area business owner, here’s what you can get out of a partnership with Seafood Watch:

  1. Help your San Francisco Peninsula store’s brand awareness by promoting environmentally safe and friendly food options. You can use the Seafood Watch brand logo on your storefront or in promotion efforts!
  1. Receive access to over 2,500 recommendations, tips, and tricks to make a smooth transition to the program. Seafood Watch will also provide you with a dedicated staff member, who can respond to any immediate questions or inquiries.
  1. Be featured as a restaurant partner on the Seafood Watch app and social media accounts, which can draw even more consumers to your East Bay restaurant.
  1. Receive educational tools to help train your staff and/or customers about ocean-friendly solutions.
  1. Network with other Bay Area businesses who partner with Seafood Watch.
  1. Seafood Watch can give you customized guides (with your logo) about the program that you can keep in your restaurant.

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