It’s always been an exciting topic to find the best countries for offshore software development. For many, South and Southeastern Asia are considered the best countries to outsource software development. However, over the last few years, we have found out there is a disruption among the top offshore software development countries.  

In this article, we will mention some of the best offshore software development countries and how this would help you make the right decision.

Оffshore development – why it becomes such an important thing

Software outsourcing is growing in popularity among businesses of all shapes and sizes. A recent study estimates that the global IT outsourcing market will reach $425 billion by 2026, growing at a rate of 4.5% annually. Two factors drive the trend toward offshore software development. First, it’s much cheaper to build software in a country with a developing economy than it is to hire expensive engineers in your market. The second one is obvious – you can hire many different programmers to complete the tasks faster.

Nearshore or Offshore Outsourcing: The difference

Before we discuss the best countries for outsourcing software development, we need to mention something of high importance. When you outsource, you recognize that a different company has the knowledge and resources to help improve your business. Outsourcing is an essential model for small businesses that may not have the expertise to handle certain projects on their own. By outsourcing to a third-party company, your organization is essentially tapping into an infinite reservoir of experts in all areas of business. References are available upon request.

Outsourcing is an extremely competitive business, and in order to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to understand what nearshoring and offshoring are. Nearshoring means that the company you’re working for outsources only to vendors located in the same country or in neighboring countries. On the other hand, offshoring implies that the company outsources work to companies located in different countries.

Best countries for offshore software development

Here we are – which are the best countries to outsource web development? While we cannot mention one place only, we can start by bringing regions.

South and Southern Asia

India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Philippines are quite popular countries for outsourcing. Companies that provide outsourcing services can be found all over the world. Some of them deliver high-quality services while others do not. When looking for a tech company, you should check its portfolio, check customer reviews and gather as much information as possible about the past projects it has handled. That way, you’ll know what to expect from your future business partners. One of the most important disadvantages is the time difference. It’s extremely hard to communicate with such remote teams.

Latin America

The development market in Latin America is booming, and it’s not hard to see why. The region offers a great cost-effective solution for many businesses out there, especially small to medium-sized ones. Some of the benefits include a timezone close to that of the US, friendly staff, and inexpensive services. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile are the main outsourcing countries in the region. The main challenge with outsourcing to Latin America is the language barrier, and the other is the distance to Western European markets and the Middle East.

Eastern Europe

Eastern European developers can be found in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czechia, Bulgaria, and Romania. They speak fluent English and are great software outsourcing partners for nearby countries in Western Europe and the Middle East alike. They are on par with Latin Americans on price and a bit more expensive than their Asian counterparts. However, they provide immense value for money. The majority of them have higher education degrees and specialize in multiple technologies. 


With the increasingly competitive online marketplace and the growing complexity of software development, businesses are looking to grow by outsourcing tasks to countries with advanced software development capabilities. No matter where you are situated, with the right partners and a trustworthy system, there is no reason why you cannot scale your software development processes. The best countries for offshore software development are looking for new clients, and it’s time to get it started! 

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