Growing your Instagram following manually is theoretically feasible but requires lots of time and effort. If you want to get a big number of followers, you’ll need to spend several hours every day reaching out to the right people and increasing engagement. It’s a lot of work and you can’t simply leave everything else in order to dedicate yourself to a single social channel. That’s why it is essential to pay for Instagram followers, i.e. invest in an Instagram growth service.

But is using an Instagram growth service worth it? Is it safe? In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of Instagram growth services for your business.

Attracting Real Followers

A good Instagram growth service guarantees real human followers, not fake bot accounts and ghost followers. But why does it matter whether your followers are real? 

Well, first of all, inauthentic users are very likely to be deleted. The platform targets fake accounts and sometimes deletes millions of them at once. This means that you may pay for followers only to lose them after a short while.  

In addition, fake profiles won’t interact with your posts. You might have hundreds of thousands of followers, but no likes, shares, or comments on your content. As a result, since the ratio of followers to engagement will be disrupted, your engagement rate will be lower than before. Finally, buying fake followers is against the platform’s Terms and Conditions. If Instagram notices that you are followed by a large number of fake accounts, your account might also be flagged as fake.

Real followers, on the other hand, will boost your engagement rate simply because they can actually comment, like, and share your posts. And if you’re using your account to market your business, they might actually become paying customers. So, you want to make sure that when you choose an Instagram growth service, you pay for Instagram followers who are genuine and will engage with your content. 

Offering Advanced Targeting

Another important thing to have in mind about the Instagram growth service you’re considering is whether it has strategies to attract your target audience. A good growth service will find you real followers who are genuinely interested in your industry, niche, and content, and who are willing to interact with your posts. A service with advanced targeting hones in on your ideal audience. Targeting options include location, hashtags, similar accounts, industry influencers, language, gender, and so on. 

So, look at how your growth service of choice targets followers and be sure to steer clear from those that offer random followers. A more targeted audience will ensure more followers and increased engagement rates. 

Implementing Organic Growth Methods

Different Instagram growth services use different growth methods, and some are better than others. When looking at growth methods, the most important thing to take into consideration is how organic they seem. As mentioned before, some of them sell fake followers, but getting a thousand followers in an hour isn’t organic and it might get your account banned temporarily, so this method is not recommended. 

The best Instagram growth services don’t simply use automation but appoint a human account manager and a dedicated team of experienced marketers that help grow your account organically. This way, they’re not simply relying on software that blindly interacts with people on your behalf, but use methods that help grow your account while at the same time keeping it safe from being banned or blocked. 

Guaranteeing Safety and Results

When choosing a growth service, you should check whether it follows the rules of Instagram and whether it guarantees your account’s safety. Working with a service that doesn’t do so can get your profile flagged or banned. 

Another important thing to consider is results. Look for a service that guarantees you results so that you don’t waste your time and money. Check customer reviews, case studies, or reach out to the company’s customer service directly for more information. 

Don’t risk your Instagram account’s safety by buying fake and disengaged followers. While it is true that Instagram bots are cheaper, investing in a quality growth service will pay off in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, a good growth service that brings real, engaged followers is definitely a worthwhile investment. Just be sure to check the factors mentioned in this post to help you choose a service that will help grow your followers safely and organically, and start scaling your business.

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