Your business needs financial support to grow and become the effective company you want to create. But without good meetings with investors, you won’t be able to secure the funds you need. 

So how do you prepare and ensure an investor gets the best impression of you and your company? Here are our top 4 tips for preparing for a meeting so that you don’t overlook any part of the interaction. You can focus on the bigger picture and less on the smaller tasks that will trip you up without proper preparation. 

1. Make the Meeting Pleasant

If the investor feels uncomfortable, it could cloud their perception of you and the company. 

Of course, an investor will strive to be objective and rational. But it’s hard to deny that when someone feels that they are treated well, they see how you’re a thoughtful, detail-oriented business leader. And if you treat investors well, you’re more likely to treat clients and customers well, leading to a higher likelihood of success. 

Consider what will make your investor feel more comfortable. For example, if you’re meeting early in the morning at the office, have delicious coffee or even a few breakfast items available. 

If an investor is flying in or traveling to visit the office, consider making their journey more enjoyable by taking care of them with a car service. Visit a car service’s company website to ensure that the investor will be well taken care of and more likely to be in a good mood for the meeting. 

2. Decide on a Narrative

You likely have a lot of information you want to share with the investor to give them a complete picture of the business. However, it’s best to have a narrative in mind and deliver that. 

Having a narrative ensures that the information you share is relevant and makes an impact while presenting the image you want to convey. A narrative keeps you on track and keeps investors engaged. When you have the opportunity to tell a good story, research shows that this is more persuasive than facts and is more likely to get the results you want. 

3. Have All Relevant Documents Ready

While a good story will keep your investor engaged, they will still want to see facts and figures. Don’t tell them you’ll get them the figures they need at a later date. Show you are prepared and proud to share the company’s data. 

Whatever documents may be relevant to your discussion, show your company’s high level of organization and be ready to present an optimistic but data-driven perspective on your business. 

4. Get Ready for Criticism

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, which likely consumed much of your time and energy. With this in mind, it’s understandable that your business is closely tied to your ego. 

But when we perceive criticism as direct assaults on our egos, we can get overly defensive and feel that we’re in jeopardy. Our emotional poise is thrown off, and a meeting can go south quickly. 

Know that an investor is unlikely to walk in and immediately praise everything in your company. They may criticize the very things you’re most proud of. As a leader, you must remain calm. Expect criticism. Be ready to take the feedback seriously or consider it a difference of opinions and potentially say goodbye to that investor while still keeping it professional. That way, you don’t sever any ties unnecessarily. 

Go Into Your Meeting with Confidence

You’ve prepared for everything, and now it’s time to take on this meeting. Remember that you’re the expert in your business. As long as you present the investor with the facts while making the appointment pleasant and organized, your investor will see that you have a lot to offer as a business leader.

Prepare, take a deep breath, and show your investor what they need to see to secure the funds required for your company’s future. 

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