1. Join Promotions
Find promotions you would like your restaurant to be a part of and join the lists. Joining promotions will increase your restaurant’s visibility to potential customers.

2. Deals & Offers
Deals & Offers show your restaurant’s current deals. For example, you may offer a free appetizer on a slower night. This deal will be seen by visitors of your site and may influence them to come. Also you can promote different drink specials or new prix fixed menus. Tip: Once submitted, an offer cannot be edited for 24 hours.

3. Diner Feedback
Pick 3 of your customer’s reviews to be placed at the top of the Diner Feedback section. This will showcase the best of what your customers have say about your restaurant. Tip: Reviews only stay on Opentable for 120 days so try to pick recent good reviews.

4. Opentable Widget on Restaurant Website
Make it easier for your customers to make reservations when you add the Opentable Widget on your restaurant website. You also save money when people book reservations through your restaurant website rather than the Opentable.com website.

For more information on OpenTable and it’s restaurant services, visit their website by clicking on the link or any of the social media links below.