A member who forgets to shut down his computer or lock his office after work is a liability to the company, not an asset. The security measures of a company do play a significant role in its success.

The best way to protect your office is to anticipate a security bridge at act before it happens;

  • Train your employees
  • Set up a security access control
  • Install a surveillance system
  • Consult a security expert
  • Apply for an insurance cover

Aside from the five office security measures to keep your workplace safe, this article will help you evaluate and improve your security profile.

Five Office Security Measures to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Let’s start with the most overlooked security measure;

Train Your Employees

Having the right security gadgets is no use if your employees can’t use them. 

Proper training will help your staff know how to respond properly in case of a robbery or a natural calamity such as an earthquake. Your employees should be able to follow the emergency protocols, e.g., how to call the police or switch on the alert alarm secretly. 

Whether you’re a 10-figure company or a bootstrap start-up, training your staff is necessary.

Set up an Access Control

It’s the best way to restrict persons from entering places they shouldn’t. Provide each staff with a security card; this will keep unauthorized persons from accessing your workplace. 

Access cards can also be restricted so that not all staff can have access to sensitive rooms, for example, the computer server room.

Install a Surveillance System

Having a “These premises are under CCTV surveillance” Notice, visible to all, will keep intruders away. Of course, the notice should be accompanied by actual surveillance cameras.

CCTV cameras as also vital for preventive measures. It helps to identify a person before granting them access to the premise. 

There are also cameras with motion sensors that can be set to trigger an alert alarm in case of a night intruder.

If you’re on a budget and CCTV cameras are expensive, then consider installing motion sensor floodlights. A well-lit premise is a repellent to thieves, and the best way to do it is with motion sensor floodlights.

Consult a Security Expert

So, where to find home security near me? Follow the link to contact an expert near your location to inspect your workplace’s security profile. 

You can never be sure you have every gap covered. An expert will help you identify the loopholes in your workplace and give proper recommendations. 

Apply for an Insurance Cover

You may be able to secure your workplace from burglaries with good access controls and CCTV cameras, but there are more threats to prevent -natural disasters. 

An earthquake or fire may compromise your workstation, and the proper way to be prepared is by having a good insurance cover. An insurance company will help you cover the damage incurred. 


You’ll be more productive in a workplace where you’re sure of your safety, and so is with your employees. Having appropriate security measures will give you the confidence to work and the certainty that your products or data is safe from intruders.

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