Instagram, a platform that initially positioned itself as a service for sharing photos and communicating with friends, has changed the course of its direction. In 2022, it is not just a network, but a real marketing tool for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners and influencers. In fact, we can say that Instagram has become an advertising resource on which users make purchases hundreds of times a day.

The competition is growing every day and it has become much more difficult to stand out among the many accounts. According to statistics, about 30% of profiles on the network are commercial. And this is not surprising, given the huge audience, including solvent young people.The old ways of promoting business are no longer so relevant. Now people tend to trust the companies of a social media account more than leaflets, ads on television and radio broadcasting.

If you still don’t attract new buyers using Instagram, now is the time to start doing it. In the article we will tell you why your brand  needs to be in the media sphere and how to promote an account from scratch.

Why develop your business on the platform?

  1. Increase brand awareness. With the help of maintaining an online account, you can not only increase the awareness of the company, but also improve the reputation of the brand. At the same time, you can create the desired image yourself, which will attract new clients. Recognition is influenced by the number of subscribers, likes, comments and the frequency of mentions of your account in hashtags. In order for the page to look presentable from the very beginning and attract the attention of the target audience, many newcomers buy Instagram likes. This service is not so expensive, but it is very effective in promoting your items or services online.

  1. Data collection. Thanks to the tools of interaction with the followers, you can collect a lot of useful information and use it for the prosperity of the company. Statistics allow you to analyze your buyers, this information will be useful for the formation of an advertising campaign. You can collect information about competitors, their advantages and disadvantages in order to present your company in the best light.

  1. Getting new connections with partners. The original essence of any social network is the search for new acquaintances and communication. Insta is no exception, on the platform you can find many important connections that will positively affect your company. You have a great opportunity to expand your content network and negotiate a successful cooperation with another brand or influencers. However, it is important that these are not direct competitors, but authors of pages with similar topics.

  1. Increase in sales. Thanks to the profile, you can talk about the advantages of your products or services, share new promotions with subscribers and introduce customers to the assortment. To do this, the site offers a variety of formats: beautiful photos, aesthetic IGTV, attention-grabbing Reels and selling texts. All this together affects your income and the increase in the number of sales. The site helps to generate calls, requests and orders. Perhaps this is the most tempting thing that the platform offers for businessmen and companies.

  1. Instagram Shopping.  Not so long ago, developers introduced a new feature that is made so that customers can buy goods directly from under your photos or videos. In fact, it is an online analogue of the showcase where your products are presented. Clients  can go to the store through the company profile, feed or stories. They can study the assortment, lookbook and unique collections in order to make a choice faster. The online checkout feature allows entrepreneurs and companies to sell items  directly in the app. Among other things, brands can announce the arrival of new items and the start of sales, and a reminder function is available to users so that they do not miss important events.

Running a professional account is a profitable investment of effort, time and money. The result will not take long to wait if you create high-quality content, follow trends and follow analytics. To initially increase the level of trust in the brand, take the opportunity to buy Instagram likes cheap. Do not forget that the higher the activity on the page, the more solid the company looks. Users tend to trust more popular accounts and focus on other people’s choices.

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