Technology will always continue to improve. Humans love creating things to make their lives easier, and they also enjoy coming out with new processes that can automate their work.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few different technologies that exist right now that can help your company thrive. If you don’t use some of these yet, you might want to consider them.


55% of businesses are currently Mac-friendly. Mac computers dominate the laptop and desktop niche. If you don’t allow your employees to use laptops yet, though, whether Macs or any other kind, you should probably consider it.

Maybe you don’t have a business model that supports remote work. You might still make your employees come in to a central office space where they spend most of their time. If they’re okay with that, there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, your workers might not like staying at their desks in cubicles and typing away at their desktops all day. By today’s standards, desktops seem large and cumbersome compared to laptops.

If you buy laptops for your workers instead, they can carry them around and not feel tethered to a particular workspace. They might congregate in communal areas where they can brainstorm and work on projects right there on their laptops.

That’s so much easier for them than coping with a desktop’s rigidity. They can even take their laptops home with them if they’re all working on a project and they’re up against a tight deadline.

Automated Assembly Lines

If your company creates products, and you sell a lot of them, maybe you feel like you need workers who can assemble those products using the different components that go into them. However, most companies that mass-produce products now have an assembly line system that works faster than even the most dedicated worker.

If you can automate product creation, you will probably need to hire fewer workers. In theory, all you need are employees who can monitor the assembly lines to ensure they function correctly.

This means fewer jobs but also less menial work. You may not have as many spots for workers, but presumably, you can pay the employees who do work for you higher starting salaries. They can report to you if the automated assembly line breaks down, and ideally, they should know how to fix any problems with it that arise.


It’s pretty rare that you have a company these days that doesn’t need an app. You can create an app for your business, whether you’re running anything from a pizza parlor to a rideshare service.

You can spend a certain amount on an app, and you might grumble about the upfront costs, but then you’ll see the app’s cost-effectiveness. You might double or triple your business because would-be consumers can reach out to you via the app, regardless of what products you make or services you offer.

Research shows people like using apps. They’re much more inclined to use one than to reach out to you via a phone call or even your website.

People use their smartphones to shop for things more than ever before, so creating an app they can easily use on their phones while they’re on the go makes sense. You can employ an IT specialist to develop an app and continue improving it as time passes.

A CRM System

CRM stands for customer relations management. You can implement a CRM system for your business if you have the money for one. It’s another business aspect you can automate to a large degree at this point.

You might get a bespoke CRM system, or else you can get a one-size-fits-all version that a company designs. You set it up and get it to interact with customers or potential customers who need help or information regarding your services or products.

The average CRM system can handle most of what a customer needs. Only rarely will a consumer need to speak to or otherwise interact with a live human being.

A Payment Processing System

You can also automate payment processing more times than not. You can set up a system for payment on your website when someone buys a product or service from you.

The automatic payment processing system can accept their credit card number, and it will tell them when to expect their purchase. You might also set up a more advanced system to take other payment forms, like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.

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