You might have heard of cap table software if you’re a business owner. If not, you should learn about it.

Cap table software is a type of automated tool. It uses secure servers to facilitate equity management.

Essentially, you can use it to facilitate your company’s equity management without using spreadsheets and entering the relevant information manually.

Using this technology can make your life a lot simpler since you’re cutting down on the time it takes to do a business-related task. You can use that time to take care of other company operations.

If you’re looking into companies that create and furnish you with cap table software, you’ll want the one you select to have a few particular characteristics. We’ll talk about some of the more useful ones right

Effortless, Precise Cap Table Management

Cap table software helps businesses in several ways, but only if you choose one that’s both precise and easy to use. You want one that you can quickly learn how to utilize. The best ones will allow you to set up cap tables in minutes.

The one you want should also use artificial intelligence. AI-infused cap table software can show you how to formulate a cap table that will show you your assets and suggest how best to allocate them.

It should also use blockchain technology. This will allow you to automate administrative processes having to do with your equity while you keep complete control and transparency.  The system you use
should have an intuitive setup to help your business grow and thrive.

Worker Stock Plan Tracking

If you offer your employees stock, that’s a time when getting cap table software makes the most sense. If you introduce employee stock options, that enticement means you can often retain workers, so you
don’t have to interview and hire nearly as much.

However, keeping track of employee stock disbursal can get out of hand quickly if you don’t have the proper tools in place. Cap table management software can certainly help you out in this area.

The right software for you can keep track of which employees own stock and how much of it. You can use the software to both issue equity and establish a vesting schedule that works best for your company’s unique situation.

A Secure and Simple Setup

You don’t want a cap table software system that takes a long time to set up. You should be able to have the system up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

You should also consider security when looking at the cap table software solutions that exist right now.

The right one should allow you to input ownership data so that no one unauthorised can access sensitive company information. The proper software package should put startup equity management in your hands with no worries about anyone penetrating your network.

Reporting Capabilities

You’ll want to find one with advanced, data-driven reporting capabilities. An AI-infused system that can predict your company’s overall valuation and stock worth can help you plan for the future. You can guarantee a positive experience if you can show potential investors data-driven analytics indicating your company’s future equity.

Cap table management software without AI behind it and data-driven analytical reporting won’t do you much good. You’ll want one that can deliver an intuitive startup equity interpretation based on the market’s current state and potential fluctuation factors.

Scenario Planning Tools

The ideal cap table software should also come with scenario planning tools to help you make real-time decisions that will impact your company’s direction. You want to know how to make the best financial moves for your business, and a customized cap table software package should help you do that.

Scenario planning tools can reveal what you might do in dozens or hundreds of situations. You can run expense simulations at any time, based on both the software’s AI and your own intimate knowledge as you observe changing conditions within your industry.

You can input exit scenarios, financing rounds, etc. With each simulation, you’ll know about your company’s financial path forward and how to create a bulwark against bankruptcy or catastrophic loss.

You should see all of these features from your cap table software, but you might look for others as well. For instance, you may look for some that can track a share’s genealogy. You might get one that comes with a secure mobile app or complies with all relevant industry regulations.

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