As technology integrates itself into business, entertainment and our everyday, visual media has become one of the primary ways to communicate information and ideas. The human mind naturally prefers vision so integrating visual content into your business’s campaign is key to staying relevant and accessible in this digital era. Neil Patel, an influencer in digital marketing, analyzes 2015 statistics and states that “70% of marketers report that video converts better than other forms of media”. With filming and video editing becoming more accessible to anyone with a camera and a laptop, it is very possible to execute quality content that can further your brand and mission. To ensure content that will clearly convey your intended message as well as create further traffic for your brand, take a look at these five helpful tips:

5 ways to improve your website videos

5 ways to improve your website videos

1. Create a Content Plan
Before you even start the process of video-making, creating a content plan is the best way to ensure that your videos meet your brand’s goals and interacts with the audience in the intended way. Brainstorm a variety of video types and then clarify the time it will take, the production costs, and the final publication schedule to roughly outline the entire production of the video. You can use editorial planners such as CoSchedule ( or Trello ( to manage the many factors that can arise in video production.

2. Don’t Ignore Video SEO
The Internet is a big place and hours of video content continues to be uploaded at soaring rates. To make sure your content isn’t lost in a sea of media, don’t ignore the search engine optimization (SEO) of your video. A successful strategy involves optimizing video information and user engagement to rank your video higher on YouTube ( or Google. You can add keywords to titles, descriptions, and tags in order for YouTube algorithms to understand the topic of your videos and rank them for relevant terms.

3. Measure Results
Video content production takes up a lot of time and effort so you want to know if your videos are getting you the results you desire. Using Google analytics or similar programs, you can track your video performance and see which types of videos are resonating most with your audience. These tools can go as far as to analyze audience demographics, see where people stop viewing, and check traffic sources. Measuring your video strategy is a great way to work smarter, not harder.

4. Share Other Voices
When creating content for an intended audience, it is a good idea to make the subject matter relatable and accessible. This can be done by sharing different opinions and voices within the brand that viewers can relate to or see themselves in. You can create content surrounding users of your product/service, customer experiences, or potential users of your brand. Focusing your content on your desired audience ensures the material resonates with them and compels them to learn more.

5. Give People A Way To Contact You
Last but not least, your video should communicate your brand and ways to further get in contact. Videos function as a conduit to easily entice viewers through generating interest so it is merely a jumping off point. It is crucial to clearly display your contact information and possible methods to learn more because in the end, that is the whole goal of creating video content. Include things like your company website, phone number, email address, and street address. Remember to include the information at the beginning and the end of the video to create a lasting impression on viewers.

Many people have predicted the rise of visual media, Mary Meeker of KPCB estimating 74% of Internet traffic being video based in 2017. With more and more viewers getting information through videos, good content can be an extremely useful marketing, branding, and informational tool for your brand. To take advantage of this emerging medium, follow these recommendations for advantageous content.

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