If you’re thinking about starting your own business or revamping your current one, brand awareness is essential for success. You could have a great product or service that will benefit and appeal to many people, but if you don’t have high enough brand awareness, you’re missing out on potential customers. 

To focus on building awareness of your business and your brand, you need to use marketing, advertising, and branding to reach a larger audience. This can include establishing an identity through a logo or color scheme, streamlining your brand name, or investing in a professional SEO marketing company. Below are 5 of the top ways to maximize your brand awareness. 

1. Hire an SEO Service to Create Content 

One of the most important things you can do as an owner to establish brand awareness is to create content. Professional SEO companies such as Elevated Audience help to increase organic search visibility by getting you in the top results of search engines. This drives more leads and sales — two significant factors in building brand awareness. 

2. Give Out Free Gifts 

As long as you keep the number of free products or gifts you give away manageable, it can go a long way in getting your business name and logo out there. 

Consider what kinds of products your target customer base will appreciate and use the most. Giving away a few branded products that people will use often means they’ll constantly be aware of your logo and brand, creating a ripple effect when it comes to awareness. 

3. Collaborate with Similar Brands 

Collaborating with brands that sell different products but to the same target audience is also a great way to increase your brand awareness. By choosing a company with a different product, you’re not directly competing with each other. However, by marketing to the same audience, you can benefit from the followers that these similar brands already have in place. 

This pairing should feel natural to your customers. For example, if you own an essential oil business, look for a massage therapist or meditation cushion manufacturer to work with. You’ll be able to harness each other’s customer base and recommend each other’s products. 

4. Be Consistent with Your Presentation on Social Media 

Social media can often feel overwhelming to business owners, especially if you’ve tried everything and still haven’t seen an increase in sales. 

When thinking about social media, it’s important to remember that customers don’t often decide to purchase a product or a service when they first see an advertisement. It will usually take a few views before someone decides to give a product a try. So keeping that image consistent is vital to maintaining your brand awareness. If your marketing tactics or design looks different each time, it won’t have the same impact. 

5. Work with Influencers 

When you think of influencers, you probably think of someone who has millions of followers on their social media accounts. However, many people hold the title of influencer and have varying levels of followings. Some are famous on a large scale, while some operate within a niche and strongly influence a smaller group of people. 

While on social media, keep a lookout for people who share similar brand characteristics. You can inquire about arranging either a paid advertising agreement or exchanging a free product for a post. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose one of these options to focus on or create a brand strategy that uses some combination of all five tactics, you’ll be moving in the right direction. And while focusing on brand awareness may not be your passion compared to working on your products and services, this is a necessary step in bringing attention to your offerings. So get started and see how far you can take your business with increased brand awareness. 

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