Our environment is a scarce resource. That means we have to implement all possible measures to conserve and preserve it for the next generation. Today, environmental pollution is a major setback to climate change, aquatic life, wild, and human life. 

As a business owner, there is a lot you can do to keep the environment clean, tidy and safe. You can start by practicing sustainable product packaging for all your products.

Sustainable product packaging helps you conserve the environment

Sustainable product packaging is all about choosing the most eco-friendly packaging that doesn’t contribute to further depletion of the environment. If you’re looking forward to embracing sustainable product packaging for your store, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out the key strategies and benefits of sustainable product packaging. 

Benefits of Sustainable Product Packaging

Sustainability expands your customer base.

As a retailer, the only way you can drive more customers to your business is by showing them how much you care about the environment.

According to some of the recent studies, it’s been shown that most customers consider sustainability as a factor when choosing brands to buy from. In this survey, it’s been established that at least 70% of consumers are likely to consider sustainability the most important factor when choosing a brand.  

Notably, a significant number of customers are more than willing to change their consumption habits to conserve the environment. A recent study by Nielsen has made this finding possible. Sustainable products have been growing in the USA for the last decade, and your business should not hesitate to join the wagon if only you want to improve your productivity and increase sales.

Reduced shipping costs

Another great way of practicing sustainability is by shipping small, smaller packages This helps you lower your shipping cost, and the result is an increase in your bottom-line. Therefore, instead of sending that large shipment, you can fit the products in smaller packages and ship them at a reduced cost.

Sustainable product packaging is all about choosing packaging that helps you save space and shipping costs.

Limit storage space 

If you’re looking for a way to cut on storage costs as a business, then practicing sustainable product packaging is the right way. When you reduce the packaging materials, you save a lot on storage space.

Additionally, sustainable product packaging helps you to minimize waste from product storage. You create more space to store other useful stock when you practice sustainable product packaging in your business.

Strategies Every Business should Practice for Sustainable Product Packaging

1. Educating customers 

The first step in environmental conservation is educating your customers on the benefits of conserving the environment

You should always advise and educate your customers on how they can dispose off and recycle the waste materials from your products. For instance, if you’re supplying bottled water, you can print some notes on the product package instructing your customers how to dispose off or recycle the package.

Also, indicate that your business is committed to conserving the environment. Have a recycling icon on your product packages.  

2. Ship your products in small packages 

Another simple way of reducing your ecological footprint as a business is by reducing the number of packaging materials that you use on your products.

This is as simple as using the smaller boxes, bottles, and containers for your products. The bigger the packaging, the more significant the damage your business causes to the environment. Always use smaller filler materials and packaging supplies to reduce the size of your shipment.  

3. Recycle used packaging materials  

You can also recycle your packaging materials to save on the cost of acquiring new ones. This is a great way of extending the life of previously used packaging products. When shopping for new product packages, you should consider those made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials, like paperboard, which is manufactured using pulp.

Other recycled materials you can use are plastic, single-use bottles, and paper bags. If polythene and plastic are legal in your state, ensure you use them sparingly to conserve the environment.

4. Plant-based packaging options 

In the world of product packaging, plant-based packaging is becoming more popular than before. These packaging materials are made from biological sources, which mean they can decompose easily and form part of the soil.

There are varieties of plant-based packaging options in the market. When choosing one, you should find out if it doesn’t affect the flavor of your products. Also, always go for durable plant-based materials if you are shipping bulky and sizeable products. 

5. Edible product packaging 

If you are running short of packing options, you can consider edible packaging materials. This is the best option if your business is dealing in line of beverages and food. Edible packaging products are safe and ready for eating.

For instance, you can package ice cream and sausages in edible packaging to reduce your shipment costs. Choose an edible product package that adds more flavor to your products if you want your customers to prefer it.

Using paper-based shopping bags

Using paper-based shopping bags


6. Use biodegradable plastic alternatives 

Another option you can opt for sustainable product packaging is compostable and biodegradable packaging. These packages are made of materials that can easily decompose commercially or at home after use.

Most of the packages are made from plant-based polymers that can easily compost or break down. In most cases, the packages can take up to three months (90) days to fully decompose. They are the best option if you want to conserve the environment.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable product packaging is a move every small business should adopt to conserve the environment, consolidate storage, and lower shipping costs. Small businesses and retailers must buy their stock from manufacturers concerned about the environment when choosing product packaging solutions like Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging.

There are limited ways you can improve your ecological footprint as a business, and we’ve mentioned some of them in this article. Switch your supply chain, vendors, and opt for eco-friendly product packaging to help conserve the environment.

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