When writing a blog post everyone hopes to get their message across and gain readers. You don’t have to be a professional writer to accomplish this. We have outlined 7 Steps for writing a successful Blog post.


1. Select The Right Subject
Make a connection with your readers. Do this by providing them with information about something they want to learn how to do or a subject of interest. Readers will want to read more about something that applies to their life.
2. Grab Readers Attention with the Title

The title is your first impression to your readers. It needs to capture your reader’s attention and state what the blog post is about.


3. Keep Readers Attention with Opening Lines
Now that you have captured your reader’s attention, you must keep it. Follow up your title with an opening paragraph that summarizes what your blog post is about. Do this in an entertaining, but brief way.

4. Use Keywords
Be more conscious of the words you are using. By utilizing certain keywords you will increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog and website. Keep your readers focused on the main point of your post. These keywords will reinforce that point.
5. Make Blog an Appropriate Length
Blogs with a high word count can be overwhelming for a reader. Writing a long blog can discourage readers from reading past the first couple of lines. A blog around 300 words is an appropriate length. But if you feel the need to write more, make sure to use less than 1000 words.

6. Use Lists / Headings
Utilizing lists and headings helps readers to scan for a blog’s key points. Also it is visually easier to read online this way than a traditional essay format.


7. Conclude by Reinforcing a Call to Action
Effectively convey your message to readers by reinforcing it during the conclusion. This helps them to retain the message and want to take the next step of taking action.

Writing a successful blog is easy when you reiterate a theme or message throughout the article, pay attention to your content, and use a reader friendly outline. Now it’s your turn to write one.


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