Giving your employees valuable and unique gifts is one of the many ways to show your appreciation, gratitude, and generosity, making them feel valued and appreciated.

There are numerous kinds of corporate gift ideas you can find online. However, some might be too generic and predictable. It’s vital to look for affordable yet unique items your employees will find remarkable.

That said, here are eight thoughtful corporate gift ideas for your employees you can buy in bulk.

  • Hand-Painted Glass

A hand-painted drinking glass is a one-of-a-kind gift your employees will surely cherish. The exquisite design and personal touch make this item extra special.

Despite receiving the same item, your employees will still have something unique as each hand-painted glass differs in detail. An artist cannot precisely copy a machine-made design, which makes the glasses distinct from each other and perfect for expressing how you value your employees’ individuality.

Although hand-painted gifts may seem expensive, you can find a gift wholesaler offering this type of item at an affordable price. You can even save a lot by buying in large quantities.

  • Aroma Lamps

Work can be stressful, and your employees may not have enough time to relax during hectic days. Thus, giving a gift that reminds them of the importance of self-care can be one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

Aroma lamps create a warm and cozy ambiance in a room. Your employees will find this gift elegant and functional, especially those who work at home.

Like most items in this list, you can buy aroma lamps wholesale. This way, you can give your employees excellent gifts while staying on budget.

  • Travel Cups

Gifting your employees something they can use every day is one way to keep them motivated. You can fill travel cups with your employees’ favorite coffee or tea to help them feel more energized and ready for the workday.

Travel cups never go out of style, and this practical item can be made unique through custom designs. You can even go green by purchasing reusable travel cups. Using this in the workplace instead of disposable cups can reduce waste and help the company’s waste management practice.

  • Drink Bottles

Drink bottles are the classier alternative to plastic and acrylic tumblers. Although glass is heavier, it’s more hygienic compared to other materials.

Glass drink bottles are a perfect gift for people who are always on the go. You can also remind your employees to stay healthy and hydrated despite being busy at work through this gift.

Drink bottles come in different designs and sizes. It’s best to choose an easy-to-carry variant with 250 to 500 mL capacity.

  • Leather Wallets

There’s nothing more thoughtful than giving a gift that balances elegance and practicality. Thus, leather wallets are some of the top gift choices in the workplace.

Giving away wallets to your employees symbolizes success and wealth. It inspires them to continue growing in their chosen career and save for their future.

For inclusivity, it’s ideal to choose faux leather wallets since they’re more economical than organic leather.

  • Chair Cushions

Gifts that improve your employees’ comfort at work are a great way to show concern and even help enhance productivity. As such, chair cushions can mean a lot to workers who sit for long hours since these can help reduce lower back pain.

Employees working desk jobs will appreciate chair cushions as gifts, whether they work onsite or at home. This caring gift can show how much you consider your employees’ well-being.

  • Mini Plant Pots

During the pandemic, many have started falling in love with plants. They have become one of the most stress-relieving items for working adults.

Mini plant pots are best for low-maintenance plants like cacti and succulents. These are popular with people who do not have time to water plants every day. Gifting pots with various designs may encourage some to start a planting hobby as a way to destress.

You may give mini plant pots by set or by piece. If some of your employees are not keeping plants, they can still use the gift as a pen holder or a desk accessory.

  • Neck Pillows

If you’re planning to give away gifts before the holiday, neck pillows are an excellent choice. This comfy and squishy item is also a perfect gift for employees who often travel for work.

They can use a neck pillow while traveling or at home to help relieve neck pain and improve sleep. Giving one to your employees is an excellent way to remind them to get enough rest and ensure their physical and mental health.

You can never go wrong with gifts promoting self-care and health. It’s a thoughtful act of showing how much you care for your employees.


The key to determining which of these thoughtful corporate gifts is the best for your employees is to take time to get to know them. Presents don’t have to be expensive to be memorable because those that show kindness and generosity will likely be cherished more.

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