Are you looking to upgrade your skills and further your career? Do you want to forge a career in the tech industry? Accelerate is Hong Kong’s fastest – growing emerging tech educations and talent solutions company and aims to make an impact on the tech-talent shortage starting with Asia. Accelerate finds and provides talent within the tech industry, providing training to transform your company into a data-driven business and builds short and long-term tech hiring/training plans that sync with the growing needs of your organization.

Develop your skills in Data Science, Machine Learning, Immersive Coding, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, and Growth Hacking. Accelerate programs are accessible due to a deferred tuition model which opens the door to software engineering for many. Their full-time and part-time courses transforms careers, businesses and economies. By joining an Accelerate course, individuals walk away with valuable knowledge and relationships to take their career forward.

There are two full time courses Accelerate offers. Coding course is a full stack curriculum with a group size of 16 individuals, 1000+ hours, and 50 projects. Data Science and Machine Learning course has a group size of 16 individuals, meets for 8 weeks – 5 days a week, 400+ hours and 10 projects.

Accelerate offers part time courses in Blockchain: Avenue to the Future, Python Certificate, Data Science and Machine Learning, Deep Learning Foundations, AI: Business Strategy, UX and UII, Big Data Analytics with Excel, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking.

Why should companies invest in learning? AI and AI-related tech will contribute to at least $15.7 trillion to the global economy with 800 million jobs set to be replaced by automation in 2030. Accelerate provides your organization with a greater competitive edge by empowering people who make strategic decisions for your company, develop hybrid skill sets unique to your organization, and by improving engagement, productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty.

65% of global C-suite level execs know their organizations will risk becoming irrelevant if they do not embrace big data. Accelerate helps organizations transform into a data-driven business with in-house tech knowledge, providing recurring returns on investment. Organizations are able to unlock new opportunities and new revenue streams, develop proprietary tools for your own business’ use, and broaden your reach by allowing you to enter new markets and create new services.

Are you looking for way to take your company to Asia? Do you want to grow in the tech industry while learning in Hong Kong? Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. works with startups, big and small, all over the world including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea…

Our company helps startups at any stage, whether they are brand new, building new products, or established and looking for an exit strategy. This includes hiring, training, building solutions, and globalizing products. Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. ( is a San Francisco Bay Area based business development and marketing consulting firm who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation by leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes.

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