What is agile marketing and how can it improve your performance?

Have you heard agile marketing before? Did you know that using agile marketing approach can deliver more than five times campaign performance improvements?

What’s the difference between Traditional Marketing Measurement & Agile Marketing?

In traditional marketing measurement, data are collected and analyzed after the campaign runs. This by definition, cannot impact the outcome of the campaign. However, the concept of agile marketing can improve the marketing performance.

Agile marketing, although suggest making snap decisions, it is actually a planned and structured activity. You have to plan in advance to collect the data and deal with the data once you have them.

In the book of data-driven marketing by Mark Jeffrey, he emphasized the importance of define both success and failure criteria before starting a marketing campaign. Think about what are some of the decision points and how can it incorporate into your campaign execution plan. What the target you are trying to accomplish?

agile marketing

What are some of the tips and strategies for agile marketing?

Big companies typically undertake brand perception surveys once a year, however, this cannot impact the running of actual campaigns. Here are some tips for you to implement agile marketing:

If You Are Going to Fail, Fail Fast

If you are starting a campaign, you will want to fail fast in a smaller way when you realize the campaign doesn’t provide results. Therefore, you can add the review sessions to your campaign, maybe once a month or twice a month. 

One thing we can do is to take the data from the online survey so you can know that result in time. In this way, base on customer’s perception, we can know if the campaign is leaning toward to success or failure early on.

Win big by increasing funding for campaigns with early demonstrated results

On rule of thumb is to collect data at least 10 times during the running of a campaign. That is, if the campaign is 10 months, at the end of the first month, you should have actionable data on the performance of the campaign.


agile marketing

Act on the data

The bottom line is after you collect the data from your surveys or questionnaires, you should be prepared to act on the data. You can either change the campaign or even stop the campaign base on the situation and your business goals. 

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