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Construction and remodeling are some of the industries that stayed strong during the worst times of the pandemic. Not only the industry did not have the same negative effect of COVID-19 conditions, however, also it had impressive growth. With that, the real estate industry and the investment in personal property have skyrocketed in the last year elevating the prices of properties and more importantly increasing competition. So, now that the pandemic has come to an end, how would you maintain this growth and keep your company competitive in the current and future market? Despite being an anomaly when compared to the effect that COVID-19 had on the industry, construction was also transformed by a transition into virtually.

Now you might be asking but what are the top construction business marketing sites to be listed on and what kind of marketing I need to grow my company? The answers are all here and, in this industry, we recommend you start working on the following platforms:

Google Reviews

Google ( is the most popular searching tool and anyone who is looking for a remodeling professional for the first time will be more likely to search for this service on Google. This allows customers to submit their reviews and share your work which will bring more customers and generate more visits. Here are a few great examples of Google listings:


Houzz ( is the biggest directory for remodeling professionals in which you can share and connect with vendors and other professionals that can help you grow your business and get more projects. If you have a more appealing Houzz account, other professionals will want to connect and work with you. Here are a few examples of good Houzz listings:


Yelp ( is also a popular platform that permits customers to share their experiences and will expose your company to potential customers through the ranking and sharing of reviews of previous customers. In Yelp customers can include pictures and comments of your projects improving your brand awareness. Here are a couple of examples of good Yelp listings:

Home Advisor and Angi (Partners)

( and Some potential customers looking to remodel their house also use this platform. It requires more details and is not as easy to access but is worth listing your business here to increase the flow of visits.


If you get your clients and partners to start interacting with your online platforms, you will increase the interest and visits from potential customers and professionals. For that, you need to differentiate from the competition and create an appealing and friendly environment in your profile that is more conducive to business and value creation. if your company is in the industry or you are looking to open a company in this industry, we can help you with that. We have the experience and the expertise to create a marketing program that suits your company and helps you to grow with an online presence.



Grow your Construction business with Marketing from Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.

More and more, businesses would improve and invest in their online presence as customers were turning to these channels to make their purchasing decisions to meet their construction needs. So this differential growth came with the help of marketing and technology. Most of these companies that traditionally found leads and new projects from other professionals or the word of mouth started to see the benefits of marketing in an online environment. Therefore, the traditional reviewing sites transformed from a good thing to have to a need for these businesses to continue getting projects and growing. If you want to have a good and successful remodeling or construction business, you need to create some marketing and here in Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., we have all the tools and coaching necessary to produce and launch your company into success.

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