For any small business, your brand is important and sets you apart from the rest. It is important that business build their brand and maintain their presence. The first thing any small business needs to know about building an online presence is the need for consistency. There’s no point in mapping out a social media marketing campaign if there is low commitment to maintaing the content output.

Most small business do not have a designated position allocated to social media. There is a need for a social media coordinator or allocated time in the schedule to monitor and execute social media marketing efforts. This persistence and consistency will drive your online presence and ultimately your business. Once there is someone accountable for building the brand online, you can expect to see results from social media strategies.

A misconception that small businesses have is that their content on these platforms need to be perfect. That is not the case at all. In fact, your content will not align and impress everyone that sees it, that’s not the goal of branding.The important thing to understand here is that in order to have a successful brand means you remain on the mind of a prospective customer. Prospective customers might mention your small business in passing or even suggest the location to their own circle.

Social media is a tool that allows us to share content directly with our networks and customers. Staying consistent on timelines or active on feeds on different platforms will allow small business to gain brand recognition.