5 Ways to Control Unpredictable Environment

Are you tired of the fast-changing environment pandemic brought to you?

Whether you have a retail, restaurant, real estate, franchise, or law firm’s business, being an entrepreneur meaning you need to deal with a lot of unpredictability, especially during COVID-19. The research shows that the unemployment rate in California State was about 15% as of June 2020. Yelp shows that 5,000 San Francisco Are Businesses closed since COVID-19, and more than 2,000 businesses permanently shut down. Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, or Walnut Creek, most of the businesses have been at least impacted by 50% of the global health crises. There are always things that we cannot control. But what is the difference between businesses that survived this situation and those that did not? 

Real entrepreneurs know how to adapt and still thrive during economic crises. It’s not about luck nor working harder. The secret to controlling the unpredictable environment is an effective way of thinking. 

  • Ordinary people think casually believe that “if I can predict the future, I can control it.” The problem is no one could have predicted that pandemic will hit us in 2019
  • Entrepreneurs think effectually believe that “if I can control the future, I do not need to predict it.” Effectuation requires creativity and transformative tactics. The focus is on using a set of evolving means to achieve goals.

Steps to thrive:

    1. Focus on what you have: Ask questions frequently on “Who I am?” “What I know?” “Whom I know?”. Having an objective and non-biased view of yourself will help you to see the situation better. The power comes from knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Identify opportunities: Put the puzzle together and look at the bigger pictures on “What can I do?” with what I have. Everything has risks. Rationally evaluate on what is your affordable losses is a critical step in decision making. It should be a good balance between not afraid to step up and create new opportunities and knowing what ideas worth pursuing are. The loss is the cost of money, time, health, and energy you spend on one thing instead of another.
    3.  Keep calm and carry on:  Be prepared to take more surprises and be flexible with them. Having solid resilience will help you whenever the wind blows. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When falling is an inevitable success process, the faster you get up, the faster you will reach the summit.  
    4. Form partnerships: Find the right people who are influential thinkers and willing to join you. Partnership increases your knowledge and connections. However, choosing the right partner is the key to not fall into liabilities and conflicts that slow your business down. We all know the importance of networking. How to network, so people remember you and want to get to know you better is much like dating. Do not sell. Find the person you genuinely like and admire.
    5. Execute and Expand:  Connect to various people and keep expanding your resources. Repeat the cycle until you succeed. Successful people never stop learning and growing. Going for success is like you are trying to go up at a downward escalator; if you stay still, you will fall behind. To win, you need to keep moving forward.

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