Right now is the best time for physicians to start leveraging social media. From a professional point of view, it’s understandable that physicians might be a little hesitant on being active on social media. Many will argue that it’s probably better for your reputation as a medical professional to avoid social media. But when done properly, social media can be an effective business and marketing tool, even for physicians. With the right social media strategies, physicians can increase and actually promote the growth of their business!


There are many ways that physicians can benefit from implementing social media strategies. It’s a good opportunity to market their practice, increase brand awareness, and engage with their current and prospective patients, as well as other colleagues. Everyone has a digital footprint, and physicians could use social media to promote a positive image online. Being able to connect and know their physicians is important for patients, so physicians who are more active on social media are likely to experience growth and an enhanced reputation. Social media allows physicians to showcase their medical expertise, promote credibility, provide insights, and share their knowledge.  The best part is that it’s inexpensive, yet effective.



Some suggestions for each specific platform:


  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most versatile out of all social media platforms, and a majority of patients are most active on Facebook. There’s a wide range of posts you can share, such as health tips, advice, patient testimonials, relevant news articles, and announcements.


  1. Twitter

Twitter is best for posting announcements and publicity for events, as well as sharing quick information on services and treatments. Twitter Chats are a great way to increase social media engagement because it allows physicians to discuss health topics with other professionals and answer questions.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s professional nature, make it ideal for gaining trust, credibility and a strong network. Physicians can establish themselves as thought leaders by writing informational content relevant to their field of expertise. Physicians can also join groups to engage with others and add their own insights on medical topics.


  1. YouTube

Creating videos on YouTube is a good way to virtually engage with patients. You can upload videos that would be informative and interesting for clients, highlighting your practice’s services and your knowledge. Video ideas include procedure demonstrations, medical explanations, and patients’ success stories.


Using these social media strategies could really help physicians improve their professional digital footprint and promote their practice by increasing brand awareness. The social media space for physicians is unsaturated, so now is the perfect opportunity to build a social media presence!


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