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We used to think that essay writing was something challenging or humdrum related to high school or college students. Indeed, young people write essays when applying to university, graduating, and proving their knowledge of a subject.


Essays aren’t about academic research, college grades, or high education diplomas only. The skills you get when practicing paper writing — critical thinking, communication, argumentation, analysis — are essential for future career and business success. That’s the purpose of all those assignments we get in school: to teach us to think and express ourselves coherently and persuasively.

Reputable assignment services like customwritings understand the role of writing skills for a successful life and profitable career. (Especially in business consulting or public relations, where communication is strategically critical.) They support students’ need to write winning essays, providing professional writing assistance with academic papers.

What is a winning essay? What benefits can a student and every aspiring specialist get from the assistance of custom writing services? How do they promote knowledge sharing and encourage professional growth?

Below are the answers.


Defining a Winning Essay

First, let’s define a winning essay. What is it? What makes a college paper (or an essay-looking online article) look winning?

Here are the characteristics of a successful essay:

  • It follows a prompt’s requirements (this refers to essay assignments students get in school and college).
  • It is well-researched and structured, logical, and coherent.
  • It’s argumentative, providing information readers need to learn.
  • Its author supports all the claims with evidence.
  • When speaking of a college essay, its format and reference list are consistent with the assigned citation style. When it’s an online essay, its format follows the rules of web writing; all the information is expert and supported by reputable resources (studies, surveys, quotes, etc.).

Winning essays aren’t for students only.

Essay types are many, and some would be nice to know for business owners, marketers, brand managers, and PR specialists. While custom writing services teach students to craft admission essays, research papers, and coursework, entrepreneurs and digital specialists can get support with business plans or report writing. The help with case studies, business blog posts, speeches, and presentations is also available.

Let’s say you are outside student life or business that requires continuous content generation. Writing can still support you:

Did you hear of freewriting techniques or journaling? The former helps with writer’s block, and you can use it to generate ideas, organize thoughts and plans, and beat procrastination. The latter has a therapeutic effect when you’re in stress or anxiety, promoting emotional intelligence and mindfulness.


How Writing Support from Experts Help Us Grow

So, now you see that essay writing is beneficial, regardless of your educational or professional expertise. Whether you are an essay master or an aspiring creative/business content maker, writing support from experts is worth accepting to grow personally and professionally.

What do you get when you trust writing assistance to specialists?

Enhanced Time Management Skills

Time management skills aren’t about crafting countless to-do lists and being a multitasking master. They include goal-setting, focus, prioritization, organization, and decision-making. Self-awareness and stress management are also here, so it stands to reason these skills are a must to develop for everyone willing to succeed.

How do you enhance time management skills when working with custom writing experts?

First, you learn to prioritize tasks by deciding which to delegate to meet deadlines and stick to all your plans. (It’s all about SMART goals, i.e., those specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.) Prioritization is critical to master if you want to prevent burnout, exhaustion, and health problems related to overworking and stress.

Second, you get time to focus on more urgent tasks that are pivotal to your business or education. (It’s also about organization skills, aka deciding the right thing to do at the right time.)

Finally, you grow communication and stress management skills. The former comes from building relationships (networking) with specialists and properly explaining your task requirements. The latter is your understanding of when it’s better to delegate or give up a task/project than spend resources on it in vain.

Advanced Writing Skills

Support from experts encourages you to learn writing strategies and tricks, thus growing your skills in this field. When you get and examine text excerpts from professional writers, you start distinguishing different writing styles by purpose, structure, and language patterns:

Technical vs. narrative, business vs. personal, academic vs. creative, journalistic vs. copywriting — all these styles have different characteristics and require distinct techniques to sound professional.

While college students learn academic writing peculiarities from expert assistants, digital marketing specialists will reveal the power of storytelling to craft brand stories or emotional writing tactics to get the audience immersed and willing to respond.

No Academic/Professional Burnout

“Burnout” is the term scientists use to define a person’s psychological state leading to social disconnection and inability to work. It’s a combination of mental and physical exhaustion we get after working beyond our means for a long time.

As you understand, “academic burnout” refers to students suffering from academic overload, while “professional burnout” comes to specialists who make multitasking their norm and ignore proper time management. It’s the body’s reaction to overworking, resulting in an inability to maintain the same academic/work results and productivity.

Symptoms include frustration from activities you love, no motivation to learn or do anything, frequent stresses and illnesses, constant exhaustion, inability to meet deadlines, etc. A person also starts feeling muscle pain, headaches, and jaw tension.

Delegating a part of tasks to third parties could help you lighten a schedule and prevent stress and exhaustion from overworking. Professional assistance also promotes subject understanding (as already mentioned, you learn from experts) and encourages you to take breaks from work or study.

Sitting for long without breaks ruins creativity and problem-solving abilities. Regular breaks are critical for recharging your “inner battery” on creative idea generation and productivity boost.



A winning essay is a multifunctional instrument beneficial for many specialists, regardless of the niche. It’s a tool for college students to develop critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills. For business consultants and digital marketers, essays of different styles serve to persuade prospective customers and influence their decisions.

Whatever your work and educational background, an essay writing skill is worth mastering. Professional academic writers at corresponding service websites can help with that.


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