David Mitroff Ph.D. founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting Inc. was recently interviewed by CNBC on “Why Small Business owners who use Amazon Prime Can’t Stop”. Based on his own experience as a business owner, David Mitroff gives an insight on this new reason issue that some business owners are facing.

“Mitroff doesn’t like what he sees in the future of the small-business community as a result of his own growing reliance on the tech and retail giant’s e-commerce offerings.”

In this article, CNBC also gives us results on a recent study they made. See below a snapshot of the research.

The households of small-business owners are significantly more likely to be Amazon Prime members than the general population of Americans — 58 percent vs. 46 percent. (SurveyMonkey includes a non-small-business owner survey group of over 10,000 respondents for comparison purposes with the more than 2,200 business owners surveyed.)

Full article at https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/25/addicted-small-businesses-that-use-amazon-prime-cant-stop.html