Direct mail campaigns send information and marketing advertisements to people through the postal service. Marketers in the Bay Area can target the UC Berkeley campus community with direct mail pizza coupons. Communities in downtown San Francisco might have their mailboxes stuffed with technology or fashion trend magazines. These are just a few examples of how direct mail campaigns seek to reach their customers. While some people may regard the advertisements they receive as junk, direct mail campaigns are important marketing strategies for businesses.

Are direct mail campaigns effective? Yes, mail is perhaps the most effective way to reach or stay connected with individuals, especially if they express interest in your product or business. The business must work on compiling a mailing list, consider costs versus benefits, and lay out long-term or short-term marketing goals, among other things. The more metrics that are used to calculate the ROI (return on investment), the more likely a business can fix any problems or optimize their campaign for customers. Timing is also very important. When you want to inform your customer of upcoming deals before the holidays or remind them about an offer that is specific to a certain time of the year, timing can be the difference between building a loyal customer and losing someone’s interest in a brand.

Best for what types of businesses?

  • Clothing/retail: Many shops offer customer loyalty programs and subscriptions to newsletters that can make the process of creating a mailing list easier. All customers have to do is express interest in receiving the mail and they will continue to receive updates on upcoming sales or discounts at the store or online. This also fosters more brand loyalty.
    • Macy’s
    • Victoria’s Secret
  • Samples and discounts: Direct mail is a great way for stores to give away free samples to customers from the comforts of their own home. Companies like makeup brands can gage customer interest by offering free and new products. In addition, sending discounts through the mail can raise awareness about a brand that few know about.
    • Ipsy
    • Chewy
    • Munchery
  • Reminders: Often direct mail can be used as a way to remind people about upcoming deadlines or events. On the retail side, this can mean sending holiday reminders about sales, but on the other hand, medical professionals can also send postcards as a reminder for checkups. Tax companies can send reminders before the tax season starts to remind consumers to start preparing for tax returns.
    • Dentist
    • Taxes
  • Credit card companies: Credit cards can encourage customers to use their cards more for bonus rewards or discounts with partners.
    • Chase
    • Mastercard

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