Commercial construction is undeniably a type of construction that requires a great deal of skill, experience, and background knowledge. However, with the world, as it is today, the vast majority of building clients are looking for a cost-effective contract and valuing the use of eco-friendly and more environmentally friendly products.

Here are some impressive and simultaneously eco-friendly products specifically for use in the commercial construction industry. Take a look and see which ones your business already uses, and which ones it can switch to.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly construction considerations are naturally beneficial to the environment and for your commercial construction business as a whole. If your business materials model is positively sustainable, it can not only save your commercial construction business time and money but will also protect the community your business serves.


When sourcing environmentally friendly building materials, such materials will be made with fewer chemicals and typically will come from renewable resources.

Reclaimed wood is a magnificent example, as it can be used for literally anything, from new and aesthetically pleasing flooring throughout a home-building project to all types and styles of furniture throughout any number of homes or offices on a construction site. Bamboo is another fantastic option as, even though it is not a hardwood but, moreover, a type of grass, it is almost impossible for the untrained eye to detect the difference, especially when used as a flooring material.

A growing trend in eco-friendly flooring materials is the use of cork, which is made from the bark of a tree; therefore, it does not require killing the tree to source the material. Instead, it generally takes between seven and thirteen years for the bark to grow back completely, and then it can be harvested again, all without permanently damaging the tree itself.


Vapor permeable air barriers are a must when protecting each structure’s interior and exterior walls from moisture damage, potentially damaging the whole project. Therefore, choosing to use a vapor permeable air barrier product is not only the most cost-effective and top-quality decision but is also more eco-friendly than the lower standard alternatives.

Such products are specifically designed to be fully bonded to the substrate while entirely engaging the need to use any kind of environmentally damaging adhesive or primer and are formulated to act as an air and liquid moisture barrier, allowing vapor to pass through unheeded.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is harvested from the sun and filtered through solar panels, usually built into commercial buildings and other structures. By its very nature, solar energy is obviously entirely environmentally friendly and is an excellent option for commercial construction companies worldwide.

They are also extremely cost-effective and can save companies using the buildings as much as seventy percent per month on their electricity bills. Solar panel installation is more affordable than ever and is a guaranteed way to simultaneously help the environment and save both you and the company you are working for a considerable amount of money.

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