Climate change and environmental deterioration have made energy efficiency and sustainability buzz words of the contemporary era. Under the threat of global concerns like global warming and greenhouse gas emissions as a result of human activities, there is pressure on everyone to use energy efficiently. Since businesses and industries are the biggest consumers of energy, it is their responsibility to review their energy consumption practices.

Other than saving the planet, adopting energy-efficient strategies can benefit a business in many ways. It will reduce carbon emissions and will save money by cutting down the bills. Also, by investing in energy efficiency strategies, you are showing your responsibility towards nature, which will improve your organization’s reputation and will help in building trust amongst the investors and consumers.

Now, let us look at the energy-efficient strategies that can be applied in your workplace to make it sustainable.

Make sure that the appliances are turned off when not needed

It is often found that in many workplaces light, AC, and other appliances work 24/7. Even after office hours, these appliances may be running, resulting in enormous wastage of energy. So, make sure that the computers are not on standby and lights are turned off when not needed. Implement power-off policies and put reminder notes on the walls to remind the employees. This simple strategy can help in reducing the wastage of energy and will help in cutting the energy bill.

Reduce heating and cooling

One of the major reasons for the high electricity bills is heating and cooling. To stay comfortable, minimize wastage, and reduce the electricity bills, it is advised to keep your device at a default temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. In summer, you can keep the temperature a bit higher than the normal temperature. In winter, set the temperature a bit lower than the normal one. Make sure not to set drastic differences between the outside temperature and the temperature inside your workplace.

Invest in a thermostat that will adjust the temperature of your workplace as needed. Also, making simple adjustments like placing the air-conditioned in the right spot and keeping the windows closed while heating can reduce the wastage of energy.

Invest in solar panels

Installing solar panels can be considered a smart investment. Even though you may have to invest quite a bit in solar panels, they are cleaner, last longer, and will help in saving costs in long run. Also, they are of low maintenance and will also store energy for later use. This will help in cutting bills.

Invest in energy-efficient equipment

To purchase energy-efficient equipment, you may have to invest more upfront, but they are effective in the long run. They will consume less energy, thus helping in reducing the cost.

Evaluate your workplace’s energy efficiency

Do an energy audit to understand how much energy you are consuming. In this way, you will know whether you are consuming too much energy. When you evaluate your energy consumption you will be able to identify the areas where you are excessively consuming energy. When you know how much and where you are consuming energy, you will be able to make changes accordingly and will be able to cut your bills. You can also compare the electricity rates and find the best supplier on and reduce your business costs effortlessly.

Upgrade the old appliances with new ones

If you are using old or outdated technologies in your workplace that are not in their optimal energy efficiency, replace them with new sustainable technologies. Purchase appliances like an energy-efficient desk lamp, paper-saving printer, microwaves, and air conditioner that consumes less energy.

Outdated equipment will consume more energy which will increase your electricity bill. So, replace all such devices with energy-efficient ones. If you are concerned about the expense of upgrading the equipment, you can take the help of various financial sources and loans to support green business. Even though some of these devices are costly, remember that energy efficiency is the need of the hour.

Use laptops instead of desktop

When you are going to purchase equipment for your office. Choose laptops over desktops. Laptops consume less energy compared to the desktop. While buying, remember that monitor size is also a decisive factor in energy consumption. So, select devices of reasonable screen size that are suitable for your work. The smaller the screen, the lesser the energy consumption.

Make the maximum of natural light

Instead of using artificial lights, try to make maximum out of natural light. Try to use artificial light only in dark areas in your office. If your workplace is situated in a sunny area, try to use natural light. Making the maximum use of natural light is the first step to saving energy and cutting down the bill.

Switch to LED or CFL

Lighting is one of the main reasons for your high electricity bill. So, use LEDs or CFLs instead of incandescent light bulbs. Compared to conventional light bulbs, LED and CFL light bulbs will consume less energy and will last longer.

Try to minimize the use of a printer

The printer is a highly energy-consuming device. Therefore try to minimize the use of printers. Instead of using printing files, try to send them through email. By reducing the using printing, you can reduce the wastage of energy as well as paper.

Make employees understand the relevance of sustainability

Remember that to make your business a sustainable and energy-efficient one, it needs a collective effort. Make your employees understand the relevance of sustainability and tell them why they need to follow energy-efficient strategies. Tell them what they need to do to achieve sustainability and how they can save energy. Educate them what all changes they need to make to achieve the sustainability goals.                                                                                  

By following these simple tips, you can make your workplace energy efficient and sustainable. So, start your sustainable journey by implementing these strategies to bring a positive impact on both environments as well as the company.

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