Be aware of the different immigrant and non-immigrant visas in preparation for next year. To get a good start you will need to have your workers maximizing efficiency. Read on within this article to learn more about hiring seasonal workers.

How A H-2B Visa Works

A H-2B visa is awarded to employees who successfully take part in and complete the foreign worker program. Note that it is designed to bring foreign workers to the U.S. The visas are sponsored by the employers and are often used in order to hire workers on a temporary agreement for a specifically designed job. Know that this is usually due to seasonal demands, such as tourism, or other seasonal jobs.

How You Can Hire Overseas With It

Earning a H-2B visa means you will be able to bring in experienced workers from abroad. Look overseas when there are ongoing gaps in your job positions. It is typical to require a high amount of work during certain times of the year. Working in construction is a good example. A project slated for the end of the year may require you to hire extra labor to meet the demand.

A H-2B visa will need to be applied through an employer in conjunction with a potential employee to complete the process. If you are the employer you should work with an attorney to help you during the application stage. A team of attorneys can find you the right forms, and ensure you aren’t making any mistakes. Farmer Law PC can help answer the question what is an H-2B visa?

Know the length of the work contract beforehand. You will employ these workers on a temporary, non-immigrant contract. If they don’t show up at your place of work within five days of the employment starting, then you will need to contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Contact the USCIS if they are terminated before the end of their original job agreement, or if they miss a few days without consent in general.

Employer Considerations

Remember that there are also other considerations as an employer that you should know about. The duties do not simply end when they successfully hire an overseas worker. Ensure that you are doing the basics, as migrant and overseas workers will have the same rights as national workers.

Provide adequate working conditions. The building or location of work should be as safe as possible, and fully up to code. Ensure workers are compensated fairly. This should have been agreed beforehand. Keep in contact with the State Workforce Agency regarding your employees, as well as the Department of Labor throughout the work period.

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