With over 900 million monthly active users and over 500 million daily active users, Facebook has become an important free mechanism to market and promote your business. Here are the top 5 ways Facebook is a good marketing tool for business:

1. Business Newsfeed. Facebook Business Pages provide a space to showcase new products, promotions, and upcoming events to your fans. By consistently providing fresh and varied content, like a combination of photos, videos, promotions, business updates, etc, it gives reasons for fans to return.

2. Communication Channel Between Business and Fans. Having a business page allows for a two-way communication between a company and its fans. Fans can comment on posts and provide feedback on products, while the company is able to provide customer service if questions or concerns arise. This helps build and maintain relationships with fans.

3. Word of Mouth Marketing. Every time the content on your page or the page itself is shared or liked by your fans, or when someone checks in at your business location, the link to the content is reposted on the fan’s Facebook wall and newsfeed for all their friends to see. The increased exposure of your Business Page can result in an increase of brand awareness and can generate interest and attract new customers.

4. Search Engine Optimization Opportunities. Having a Facebook Business Page can aid in improving your SEO score, particularly when you do things like use a custom Facebook URL and put relevant keywords and links in the “About” and “Info” sections of your business page.

5. Analytics Tools To Track Your Progress. Facebook has a free Page Insights feature, which provides useful information, such as the demographic of your audience, how many times you’ve been mentioned in someone’s post, what tabs generate the most interest, where the referrals to your page are coming from, and number of times your post and page were viewed during a certain period. This information helps you assess and change your content strategy to make Facebook a more effective marketing tool.

The benefits of using Facebook for business are clear. It provides a great opportunity to grow your business, not only by allowing you to market it and create a community around it, but also by helping you analyze and improve your strategy.

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