Purchasing a stretch wrapping machine for your company is a significant investment in your company, and you should not rush into it without first becoming educated on all the dynamics.

Stretch wrap is a popular packaging material used all over the world. Every day, several businesses stretch and wrap millions of pallets of product. While many businesses rely on manual labor from human employees, stretch wrapping machines are a staple in high-volume packaging lines. Even smaller companies want the cost savings and other advantages of using a Millennium stretch wrap machine.

Manual labor vs. Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Many businesses begin palletizing with hand stretch film which is applied by hand using a stretch wrap dispenser tool. A roll of stretch film is loaded onto the device, and the operator of the stretch wrapper dispenser holds the handle.

To keep the stretch film in place, it is usually tucked between the corners of two boxes or at the edge of the hand-wrapping pallets. The wrapper then circles the pallet, keeping tension constant until the pallet is completely covered with stretch wrap from top to bottom. When completed, the wrap is cut from the roll and stuck to the pallet because the stretch wrapper sticks to itself. The goal is to keep the products inside safe while traveling.

Types of Stretch Wrapping Machines

To understand the various types of stretch wrappers, it is necessary to first distinguish between automatic stretch wrappers and semi-automatic.

An automatic stretch wrapper takes a pallet from the start of the line and automatically feeds it into the wrap zone, where it is wrapped following the control system settings. When the pallet is finished, it is automatically conveyed to the end of the line while a new pallet is transferred into the wrap zone.

In contrast, a semi-automatic stretch wrapper requires an operator to load and unload the machine, start the wrap cycle, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the load is effectively wrapped.

Here are the different types of stretch wrap machines

  • Turntable stretch wrappers
  • Straddle stretch wrapper
  • Orbital wrap machines
  • Ring straddle stretch wrapper

Choosing The Right Stretch Wrap Machine

The volume of stretch wrappers you need

Request an analysis of your packaging line from a packaging machinery expert. This report will give insights into your current stretch wrapping practices and the type of wrap machine your business needs to produce a more productive and efficient line.

Research about stretch wrapper machines

After researching and deciding on the best type of machine for your packaging line, you’ll need to choose a manufacturer. Consult a stretch wrap machine expert when you’re ready to make a purchase but aren’t sure which brand to go with.


Professional stretch wrap equipment is not cheap. It is a significant investment for many businesses. You will be able to review all of the information above and determine if a stretch wrapper is a good investment for your company once you have researched all of the information above and had a professional analysis of your production line completed by your vendor of choice.

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