In a large business, it can be difficult to breed a sense of ‘togetherness’ amongst employees, but doing so has a whole host of benefits. It strengthens the bonds between fellow employees, encourages staff to remain with the company for longer and can have a huge impact on the way a brand is perceived from the outside.  

 This can have a knock-on effect on business in a myriad of ways, and we’ve put together a few simple ideas any business can try to implement. 

Community Outreach with a Volunteering Program 

Most employees will wonder about the deeper impact of their work on the wider community, and if your company isn’t providing an outlet for philanthropy, this might be an issue. Allowing and actively encouraging staff to take part in volunteering opportunities will give them the chance to develop a sense of purpose and is a great way to ensure employees are engaged in their roles. Giving back to the community as a team feels fantastic and it’s an excellent way for workers to build strong relationships, enjoy new experiences together and improve morale. 

Organize a Team Building Event  

Organizing a team building event is another fantastic way to foster a sense of togetherness in the workplace. There is any number of options out there to choose from, including charity fundraising events, sporting competitions and much more. Endurance events are one of the best ways to spur teams, who may otherwise not have the excuse to work together, on to success. Achieving the success of reaching a mountain peak together will help employees form friendships that will last a lifetime and will make a lasting impact on the way they handle situations in the office. Take a look at for some more ideas and information about keeping employees engaged in the workplace. 

Sharing Ideas with Presentations 

When managing a large business it’s paramount to bring everyone together every so often, and a regular presentation slot is a perfect way to do this. Presentations don’t need to be too formal or demanding but set aside time every couple of weeks where someone from each team can talk about their work and it’s wider impact on the business. That way, you’re staff will have a much better sense of the wider business and their role within its structure. As an added bonus, time spent presenting in an informal setting will give your employees the chance to hone their speaking skills, which will pay off when it comes to more pressing encounters in the future. 

 To sum up, when managing large businesses with employees that wouldn’t otherwise engage with one another, it is pivotal to make the effort to foster a sense of togetherness. Business relies on people, and when people are empowered to perform, the results will be noticeable. Allotting time to activities that cultivate a stronger sense of connectivity within a large business will go a long way towards improving morale for employees and this will have a far-reaching impact on the identity of your brand.  

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