With these three useful tips, your restaurant will be social media ready in no time, allowing you to build your brand and solidify your name. Social media is a great marketing tool that will help grow your business and reach audiences that were not possible before.

  1. Create a Facebook business page to start building your restaurant’s online presence. Fill out as much information on the Facebook profile because this will cause your restaurant to rank on Facebook and other search engines. Use Facebook to post restaurant announcements, such as new menu items and updates, and photos so that customers can leave comments, check-in, post their own pictures, as well as post reviews. Updating your page regularly will help your restaurant rank higher.

2. Create a Yelp page. Yelp is the most common search platform your restaurant can be found on. Customers use Yelp to find restaurants and is a place where they can share photos and review their experience. As customers rate and share their experience, take the time to reply to both negative and positive comments. This shows you appreciate their business and that you care about their concerns.

3. Create an Instagram page for constant updates and customer engagement. Instagram is a great tool for your restaurant as you can share photos showcasing the food, venue, and dining experience. Having an Instagram is also a great way for customers to tag the restaurant in their own photos and share your business. The use of hashtags and tagging a location allows your restaurant to get more exposure, reaching a variety of audiences.

Need Help Getting Started?

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., works with many restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to give businesses the edge on maximizing customer engagement by creating a presence on all social media platforms. If you own a restaurant and are interested in learning about more ways you can grow your business, feel free to contact us today to speak with a restaurant consultant. Call at 510-761-5895 to schedule a free consultation with Restaurant Expert David Mitroff, and we’ll help you go through this process of creating and growing your restaurant business.