“Do you have free Wi-Fi? What is the password?” are perhaps most frequently asked questions a hotel front desk agent in the San Francisco Bay Area receives at check-in and on the phone. If a hotel business does not offer free Wi-Fi as an amenity, then it’ll get left behind in the hospitality industry. Wi-Fi, or wireless internet, is the most crucial amenity that hotels provide to guests and here are 3 things for hoteliers to be aware of:

Types of Usage
Latest trends indicate that a large amount of hotel guests are traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area for the purpose of work and require in room Wi-Fi in order to complete assignments. Other patrons want to check in with social media while on the road, and some will use the Internet to research and discover the surrounding attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hotel operators are finding that the latest request for Wi-Fi is for the purpose of streaming television shows and movies. Find what type of internet usage your guests needs Wi-Fi for and make sure your connection and provider are a good fit.

Increase your Bandwidth
San Francisco hotel managers are finding that higher levels of bandwidth are needed in order to support the demand of so many users on the same network. A typical guest will have anywhere from two to three devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. We advise that managers and owners contact the most competitive network administrators that provide services in the San Francisco Bay Area and ensure that both the Wi-Fi upload/download speed is sufficient, and that the amount of access points is able to provide adequate coverage to the entire property.  By having accessibility from Wi-Fi network providers to view at any given time how much bandwidth is being utilized, how many devices are connected, you can gain insight to keep your demands and usages are balanced.   

Change Passwords
San Francisco Bay Area hotels are also finding that the Wi-Fi network password needs to be changed at least monthly. Not only do guests continue to use the wireless Internet after checking out in the parking lot but they’re able to connect to the hotel Wi-Fi when dining at the restaurant next door. Also, neighboring businesses are able to obtain access to the password and will jump on the wireless network. It is critical for Bay Area hotels to allow only paid guests access so that the Wi-Fi network is working at an optimized speed to have satisfied customer service.

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