Working at an office can be stressful, especially when you’re anxious and struggling with productivity.

An emotional support animal can help you be more productive than ever before; let’s discuss how.

Can My Dog Come In The Office?

If you have a psychiatric issue and your animal helps you, you can go to an ESA registration website and submit your information. You may need to provide other documentation, but the process is quite fast.

Having proper registration gives a leg up when proposing this idea to your boss. 

Think of your documents like a doctor’s note!

What is An ESA?

An emotional support animal is a pet that provides mental support to someone with anxiety, depression, or another psychiatric disorder. 

While ESAs tend to be dogs or cats, they can be any animal. An ESA may have special permission to be with its owner, even in areas they usually could not navigate.

How Do They Boost Productivity? 

It can. If you’re stressed and overwhelmed, having your furry companion with you can help. If you are crunched for deadlines, an animal nearby, even just sitting next to you or on your lap, can help with those troublesome moments. 

A recent study of CEOs and execs demonstrated that having an ESA does help with productivity and growth. They aren’t just good companions, and they teach valuable lessons such as organization, responsibility, and creativity–all of which go into running a business and being productive. 

While you might not think a cute, cuddly animal is helpful with productivity, it can be, especially when you’re dealing with a high-pressure job. 

The ability to focus and stay on task is all your boss could ask for; when your animal takes you there, why not bring them to the office?

They Force You To Take Breaks

Modern workers spend hours on their computers and frequently forget to get up and walk around. 

A dog that needs a walk is the perfect excuse to breathe the fresh air and stretch your legs. The more stagnant you are, the less creative you are — playing with your animal is not just fun; it stimulates your brain!  

Emotionally Centering

Whether you’re closing deals, managing employees, or repeating the same task repeatedly, your pet is there to keep you calm when things get overwhelming.

Many animals will pick up on your emotions and be there to comfort you. We often have to repress our emotions in a professional setting, but when you have an animal by your side, there is a safe outlet to embrace your feelings.


If you go into the office every day, you and your pet spend most of your time apart! But imagine a world where you don’t have to be separated! 

Your boss will be happy because you aren’t rushing home to feed your best friend, and your pet will be excited to hang out with you — it’s a win-win!

Become the best employee you can be, become the best pet owner you can be!

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