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What Is AI Copywriting, and How Does It Work?

AI Copywriting, an innovative realm of artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, is revolutionizing the way we approach writing and editing tasks. Much like the diverse and dynamic gaming experiences offered by platforms such as, AI copywriting works to simulate the human brain, utilizing vast data and resources. Through advanced deep learning algorithms, it crafts accurate and digestible copy, transforming the landscape of digital content creation.

An AI Copywriter can generate the following:

  • Short-form blog posts
  • Long-form blog posts
  • Ad copy
  • Social media captions
  • Voice and tone
  • Grammar and readability
  • Landing page copy
  • Meta titles and descriptions

Ways Content Writers Use AI:

  • Generate topics
  • Create drafts
  • Create outlines
  • Editing
  • Messaging
  • Writing full-length articles
  • To get out of a creative rut
  • To set a tone

How Does AI Copywriting Work?

AI-powered copywriting tools use machine learning to generate content based on parameters. Autocorrect and autofill are AI-assisted editing tools. They can create entire blog posts, website copy, and even novels. 

Autocorrect and autofill are AI tools that can assist in digital marketing. 

Advanced AI tools can create extensive content, including full-length blog posts, website copy, and messaging. Companies are developing software that allows AI to write a novel.


Google prohibits AI-based writing tools and considers generated content as spam. AGC violations include keyword stuffing, non-sensical language, grammar errors, auto-translated content, and mixing different content to create a copy without added value. WHAT’S THE RISK OF BEING PENALIZED FOR AUTO-GENERATED CONTENT?

Google’s algorithms can identify AI-generated content if it violates their guidelines. AI copywriting tools can be safely used for research, drafts, outlines, grammar, and readability. However, relying solely on AI for content generation may result in penalties as Google aims to provide trustworthy results.


Google employs human reviewers to ensure compliance with their Webmaster Guidelines. Violation can lead to non-indexing of pages or domains. This is necessary to prevent black SEO techniques from manipulating rankings and cluttering the SERP. Manual action reviews double-check the algorithm and its results.


Google’s May 2022 Core Update led to a drop in organic rankings, causing concern for the SEO/Content Writing community. While it’s unclear if AI-written content is being tracked, auto-generated content violates Google’s guidelines. Google’s statement suggests that pages performing worse after the update have not violated policies, and changes aim to improve overall content assessment. If the update impacted your site that relies on AI content, it could be due to poor quality or readability. What is your opinion of Google’s crackdown on auto-generated content? Is it seen as a black hat SEO strategy? Let us know in the comments!



  • Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to personalize
  • Quality control
  • On-demand
  • Cost-effective


  • Lacks the emotion necessary to understand target audiences
  • Repetitive
  • Accuracy
  • Lacks creativity
  • Against Google’s Webmaster guidelines
  • Does not do SEO


The response to this inquiry is subject to your requirements as a digital marketer. AI writing software might be available later for companies with the tools to meet supply, demand, and quality standards.

AI can be an excellent tool to use to your advantage for companies who are just starting, find themselves in a creative rut, or are looking to play around with content planning ideas.

Content writers, SEO specialists, and digital marketers should avoid AI-generated content when it comes to increasing content on your website or quickly increasing rankings & traffic.

Becoming proficient in SEO is a time-consuming process, and while AI may offer a ray of hope, we need to be adept at leveraging its capabilities to our advantage. 


  • Always fact check

Since AI assistants generate content from gathering information, it’s essential to ensure it is correct. If necessary, make sure to find additional sources to support the data.

  • Correct grammar

AI assistants are an excellent option for those looking to polish their work into a finished product.

  • Readability

AI assistants are now intelligent enough to determine the general readability of content. Marketers can optimize copy by formatting, structuring sentences, and targeting the appropriate reading level.

AI-powered writing tools are designed to help you generate new content ideas or repurpose old ones. With these tools, you can input existing text and get new content ideas or rewrites that can be useful in enhancing your content. They are a great way to improve the quality of your writing and save time.

  • Add a human touch.

While AI is great at writing, it could be better. It is essential to read the text out loud to ensure it sounds like someone wrote it. Make changes to the content where you see fit. Don’t neglect the “emotional” aspect of marketing.

  • Check for plagiarism

The most popular AI-generated content software is smart enough to avoid plagiarism and recycle data and information in a new yet readable way. It’s important to keep in mind that different platforms have different standards. Using a plagiarism checker, such as Grammarly, is an excellent idea to ensure that your content is original and meets the platform requirements you are posting on.

  • Please make sure to include relevant external links wherever they may be needed.

Remember to do SEO

Even though AI may be able to write for you, the software will not optimize your article.

Maintain voice and tone.

One thing an AI writer can’t do is match the unique voice and tone of your business or blog. If you use AI to assist you with writing content, go back and change the voice and tone. Voice is your brand’s personality, while the tone is how you communicate the voice to your audience.


Do you struggle with expressing ideas or writer’s block? Consider AI-powered writing to generate content; remember, quality is more important than quantity. AI-writing software can help improve writing skills, but misuse can result in significant traffic loss. At RiZen Metrics, a full-service digital marketing agency, we create tailored content marketing strategies using human-written copy and data-driven insights to help your business grow.


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