The FIFA World Cup 2018 will run from June 14th to July 15th. During this time, many people will be searching for fun venues to watch their favorite team in action while enjoying a hearty meal, an ice cold beer…or both! Restaurants should use this opportunity and energy to benefit their business, and there are many ways that this can be done. For example, offering deals, decorating, hosting parties/events, and creating a fun environment for the month are all great ideas to bring customers in and ensure that business is booming during the time of the World Cup. Below are some more specific ideas of ways restaurants can take advantage of the FIFA World Cup:

  • Create World Cup menu specials: Offering deals or discounts on certain food/drink items is a great way to draw people into your business during the times of the games. For example, giving discounts to customers wearing their team’s jersey or giving deals on drinks when a certain team scores a goal will get people excited and attract more customers.
  • Host a watch party: Hosting a watch party is a form of community marketing that will attract customers to your restaurant. Most sports fans enjoy watching games with other cheering fans, so watch parties are a great way to bring people together, get them excited, and increase business.
  • Decorate: Decorating your business with jerseys, flags, and other fun visuals will lure people into your restaurant, increase business, and guarantee a fun atmosphere for customers.
  • Start an email marketing campaign: Starting an email marketing campaign will benefit your restaurant by advertising to your customers that you are taking place in all the World Cup fun as well as inform them about any specials you might have or events you will be holding.

If a restaurant wants to increase revenue during the FIFA World Cup, it is imperative that they take advantage of this opportunity and act accordingly. By following the tips above, a restaurant is bound to become the place where every soccer fan will go to eat, drink, watch, and have fun!