Some marketing strategies still work despite the big leap to digital marketing. Strategies like email marketing, for instance, are derived from the old strategy of sending promotional emails to attract customers. Word of mouth and customer recommendations are also still the most powerful marketing instrument you can benefit from in the digital age.

Customer reviews are now considered more credible. They are known to incite higher user engagement and conversion. Reviews work the same way as word of mouth or personal recommendations, which is why they are credible in the first place. The big challenge is getting more product reviews from happy customers, and we have just the tips in this article.

Put Out Reviews

Products that are already reviewed a lot – both by customers and expert reviewers – tend to get more customer reviews in return. There is something about seeing other reviews that makes customers more willing to spend a few minutes and share their experience.

You can send out samples or work with top review sites like Extensively Reviewed to get more reviews for your products. You are killing two birds with one stone here; you’re gaining a lot of exposure while attempting to increase customer engagement and reviews at the same time.

Respond to Reviews

The way you respond to product reviews matter too. The reviews you receive won’t always be positive; even with your best efforts, there will be unhappy customers. Both positive and negative reviews are actually opportunities waiting to be seized.

Dealing with positive reviews is easier. You can thank the customer for the positive review and show genuine gratitude for the fact that the customer chose your product. It is a great way to build a relationship with customers.

Negative reviews require a bit more handling. You need to be willing to investigate the cause of the customer’s bad experience and take real steps towards rectifying the issues. With the right approach and a genuine care for the customer, you can turn unhappy customers into your most loyal fans.


Another great way to boost the number of customer reviews you receive is by asking for them. Yes, it is that simple. Utilize other digital marketing instruments to remind customers about writing a review. The next time you send a follow-up, post-purchase email, add a call to action and persuade customers to share their stories.

Adding an incentive is a good idea too, but this isn’t an approach you want to lean on too much. You can reward customers for their objective reviews but do it after the reviews are posted instead of before (i.e. trying to ‘bribe’ customers into giving a 5-star review).

The reward acts more as a surprise – a nice addition to an already pleasant customer experience – and will be far more effective in maintaining long-term relationship with the customers. You also don’t need to worry about having to resort to incentives every time.

These are simple tips you can apply immediately, but they are tips that can help increase the number of customer reviews you receive. Considering the immense power of genuine customer reviews, every review you get is a big boost to your digital marketing efforts.