Many businesses – especially startups and small enterprises – experience the same problem. They’ve got a great product or service and a fabulous website, but the problem is no one is visiting it. With everything else set up, these businesses struggle to get the attention they deserve and to generate the sales and profits that they require to continue their operations. That’s why this article focusses purely on the four main methods by which any company can improve their web traffic rates. By ticking all four boxes, you’ll be able to measure a steady rise in your exposure and click-through rates, which will be of huge benefit to your company’s sales.

Intelligent Hosting Choices

Your website will be hosted on a platform that in some way helps to build and present your site to visitors. There are many of these platforms out there, and they all offer specific benefits to business customers. When considering who you should be hosting with, you should look into Smart Hosting. It’s a form of hosting that allows you to tinker with your site while at the same time enjoying the traffic-boozing benefits of experience help and well-made templates that’ll naturally draw visitors to your site.


Many businesses realize that blogging is an increasingly valuable content-creation mechanism to use for promotional purposes. Why? Because it’s a way to draw additional traffic to your site – and if they like the content you’re producing, they may stay to check out your products or services. Furthermore, you can add keywords or creative, exciting content to your blogs that can serve to boost your search engine visibility – an important marketing technique called search engine optimization – or SEO. Blog about your products or inside your industry to attract relevant customers to your website.


Especially important for small businesses is the capacity to partner with other similar businesses, leading to excellent cross-promotional exchange possibilities. Find a business of equivalent size to your own and send a prospective email asking whether they’d like to contribute a guest post to your site with a reciprocal post from your company on their site. The resultant hyperlinks between your sites will boost your visibility on search engines, which means consumers will have a better chance of finding your company when they’re searching Google for information on a product or a service that you offer.

Marketing Techniques

Other than SEO boosting, which is seen as one of the principal methods of marketing in the digital age, there are plenty of other marketing options for you to employ which should lead more customers to your site. As we approach 2019, email marketing campaigns remain as relevant and sales-generating as ever. Small companies tend to focus on social media marketing to drive their visibility, while other niche companies prefer to target their adverts to those web users whose data profile exposes their relevance as a customer. Make a marketing plan involving these techniques in order to drive your web traffic to the next level. These four tips are sure to boost the rate of your web traffic, which will expose your business to new and exciting opportunities for sales, growth and brand recognition. Piedmont Avenue Consulting creates Brand Awareness and Generate Leads with Internet Marketing solutions including optimization of business websites and social media platforms. We work with businesses to define a clear message. This means from Branding to Content to Call to Actions; One consistent theme. Contact us today for advice on the design and production of a comprehensive online presence. SCHEDULE A CALL

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