Moving a business across town involves many factors, here’s how to manage all of them

When you consider how large your business is, and how much work has gone into curating your office to make it a wonderful environment in which to work, you can often feel reluctant to move offices across town. But, whether you need to scale up, you wish to relocate for convenience, or you’ve found a cheaper and better deal on rent, sometimes you have to pack up and move elsewhere. This article lists the things you’ll need to bear in mind to make such an ambitious move as success, leading to as little stress and disruption to your business as possible.

Plan with Colleagues

The first thing you’re going to need to consider is how to let your colleagues know about the move. Some of them will have to work from home for a period when you’re setting up your new space, while others you might be asking to help with the move itself. They’re also entitled to know as soon as you make your decision to move, as they’ll have to plan new routes on the commute to work. Get organized with your team, and their involvement will be seamless.

Look to Removal Companies

Your office space has a great number of items that need to be transported to a new destination in one piece. There is no doubt that you’ll need to use a removal company with a large truck – or multiple trucks – to help you get everything moved into a new location. One of the best ways to coordinate this is to look at the provisions from, who provide large containers, around the size of a parking space, in which to store items and unload them at your convenience.

Business Utilities

As you’re moving, you’re going to need to consider your new business utility contracts – and the ones that you’ll be leaving behind. Often, this will involve calls with the companies that currently supply your electricity and internet. They may well offer you a transfer deal that keeps your current rate going in your new location – but this will naturally involve some coordination in order to get right. You don’t want to arrive in a new office that’s not powered – so get this sorted well before the move.

Important Items

Perhaps your most important items are your computers and the data that they store. As you’ll know, data is incredibly valuable – something you don’t want to lose, damage, or corrupt on your journey to a new office. Likewise, if you do lose data, you’ll find that you might come under heavy fines for breaches of privacy. As such, you should be extra careful when transporting your computers – and you should consider accompanying them on their journey to their new home.

Office Warming

Once you’re set up in your new office, there’s nothing for it than to plan and enjoy a small party in which all of your staff – and perhaps some important partners and clients – get to enjoy your new-look office. This will be the happy end-point to your move, leading into a new chapter of productive and collaborative work.

Moving office can be fraught with stress and difficulties, but these tips should help you make the best of your move, avoiding some of the anxiety that can accompany this event.

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