Many email service providers have stringent filters these days, and sometimes even legitimate emails end up in the spam folder. If you’re finding that many of your emails are going to spam, there are a few things you can do to try and prevent this from happening.

1. Make sure not to use spammy keywords in your subject line or the body of your email

Some common ones to sidestep are “free,” “100% guaranteed”, “click here,” and anything else that sounds like it could be spam. For instance, “win” and “sale” are also included within typical spam trigger words and should be avoided in your subject lines and content.

2. Focus on using natural language and provide valuable content

If your content isn’t relevant to your audience, they’re less likely to open it. Write emails that offer value and are fascinating to your readers. If you’re not sure what to write about, try thinking of topics that would be helpful to your customers or that are related to your business.

Hence, make sure you’re only sending emails to people who have opted in to receive them and that your emails are well-written and free of spelling and grammar errors. In this case, excessive punctuation or all caps text should not be used unless necessary.

Accordingly, keep your emails short and to the point. For example, if you’re sending out a newsletter, make sure it’s packed with interesting information that your subscribers will want to read. Likewise, ensure your content is relevant and interesting to your subscribers so they don’t flag it as spam.

3. Ensure your email address is recognizable and that your email provider is trustworthy

Ensure that you have a valid, working email address on your website and that your website’s domain is correctly listed in DNS. You can also use SPF records to help authenticate your emails.

If you’re still having trouble getting your emails into the inbox, you might consider using an ESP (email service provider) specializing in email deliverability. These providers have years of experience in getting emails to the inbox, and they can help you troubleshoot any issues you’re having.

4. Make sure that your email list is up to date and accurate

Ensure you’re following best practices for email marketing, such as using a double opt-in process and keeping your list updated. This means that someone must confirm their email address before being added to your list.

This will keep your email list clean by regularly removing inactive subscribers. Similarly, inactive subscribers are more likely to mark your emails as spam because they are no longer interested in receiving them.

5. Make sure you have a good sender reputation

Spam filters consider things like the IP address you’re sending from, the content of your email, and whether or not people have marked your emails as spam in the past. To improve your sender’s reputation, include an unsubscribe link in each email so that people can opt out if they no longer want to receive your messages.

Additionally, you can use a third-party service to monitor your email deliverability tool and improve your chances of landing in the inbox.

6. Keep your subject line short and sweet

Your subject line is one of the most critical factors in avoiding spam folders. In this case, make sure your subject line is concise and easy to understand, and avoid using too many memorable characters.

7. Use images sparingly

Images can be a great way to add visual interest to your emails, but too many images can result in spam folders. Use images sparingly and make sure they’re relevant to your email content.

8. Try using an email deliverability tool

These services will help get your emails delivered to the inbox more reliably. Their email analytics will help you track your email open rates and identify potential problems.

Truth be told, email deliverability is a challenge that all email marketers face. The most efficient method to improve your email deliverability is the use of tools. These tools help to optimize your email content and headers for maximum delivery rates. They can also identify any potential issues with your email lists or domains, leading to spammy messages.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods you can do to help improve your email deliverability and ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients. One such mechanism is an email deliverability tool, which analyzes your email content and compares it to known spam indicators. If your content contains any red flags, the tool will alert you so that you can make changes accordingly.

Importance of Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is an essential aspect of any organization’s email marketing strategy.

Email messages in spam folders are less likely to be seen by recipients, leading to decreased engagement and lower conversion rates.

Other ways to improve email deliverability include:

– Optimizing your subject lines for maximum open rates

– Using personalized content to increase engagement

– Keeping your email list clean and up-to-date

– Monitoring your bounce rate and unsubscribe rate

Email marketing is a great way to reach customers; you’re not going to get the results you want if your emails are landing in spam folders.

Following these tips will help you create emails that are more likely to be opened and read by your audience. If you’re still having trouble getting your emails delivered to the inbox, use an email deliverability tool for help. They can evaluate your email marketing program and suggest ways to improve your results.

It would help if you understood that there is no surefire way to guarantee that your emails will never end up within the spam category.

This is because spam filters are constantly changing and evolving, so what might work today might not work tomorrow. Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of landing your emails in the inbox by using the above methods.


In conclusion, with a bit of effort, you should be able to stop your emails from going to spam. Remember to avoid using any spammy keywords, and focus on providing valuable content in your messages. Above all, it’s always important to remember that the best way to prevent spam is by providing and delivering quality content that people want to read.

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