How To Set Up Your Business Office 

Running a business can be done from almost anywhere these days – often all that is needed is a good internet connection and a laptop, or perhaps even a tablet or smartphone. However, there is something special about having your own business office, whether that is a room in your own home, or somewhere else entirely. 

Choosing to have a dedicated office for your business is a big step and one that will need careful consideration. Once you have made the choice, you will also need to think about the setup of the office itself, and how to ensure that it is going to be a productive, comfortable space in which to work. Here are some of the points to think about. 

What Do You Need? 

Before you can set up your office, you should know what you are going to need in it. You can’t create a comfortable space that is good to work in if you keep changing things around and adding new items. It is best to draw up a list of what you need before you begin, and that way you can work out where everything is going to go, even if you haven’t bought it yet. 

Common items that many offices will need include:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Computers 
  • Space for filing
  • Files 
  • Phones 
  • Charging points 

You must also consider ergonomics so that you – and anyone who uses the office with you – will be as productive as possible and not feel aches and pains due to the wrong chair or desk. 

Where Should You Work?
Once you know what you need and want in your office, you’ll need to decide what else it has to have. Do you want it to be close to home or your children’s school, for example? Should there be good foot traffic, or can it be hidden away? Is it going to be part of your home or somewhere external? Make a list of must haves and would like to have and then start searching for the ideal place to work from. Take your time over this, since moving into an office – even if it is at home – is an expense that you can’t repeat too often. 

How Should You Invest?
Putting together a home office usually requires some investment, whether it is into new furniture such as a desk, or equipment such a computer or conference phone. Insuring these purchases is usually a good idea. If you’re building a home office, your contents insurance as part of a homeowners policy or renters insurance might cover this. Consult your policy details, or discuss with your insurance service provider whether you should extend your policy or increase your coverage amounts.

Let People Know 

Once you have your office space set up, or at least designed, and your budget is one you are comfortable with, you will need to let people know where you are. You might choose to have signage made, for example. This is particularly useful if you rely on people coming to you for pre-booked appointments or as walk-ins from the street. 

This can also be useful for advertising, even if you don’t need or expect people to come to you. As they are driving by or walking past, they will see your signage and start to recognize your brand; when they do need your services, they will know where to go.

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