In recent years, the internet has become an integral part of the purchasing process and marketing your firm online is now more important than ever if you’re to extend into new markets and find new clients.

However, while the traditional avenues of web marketing and advertising can undoubtedly benefit your firm, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to come up with novel and interesting ways to reach out to their consumers (both existing and potential).

If you’re finding you’re facing an uphill struggle in terms of differentiating your firm from your rivals or are running out of ideas for ways to successfully promote your company online, below are some more innovative ideas you could try to drum up business and reach into unexplored markets.

Become A Recognized Expert By Guest Blogging Or Hosting Online Workshops

Guest blogging (writing articles for other websites) has become an increasingly popular way for firms to showcase their authority or expertise on a subject. By writing a guest post, you can amply yet subtly demonstrate your firm’s knowledge and skill base far more impartially than any marketing text you might include on your site or social posts.

Moreover, holding an online workshop can result in clients feeling like they’re getting something for nothing (who doesn’t like free stuff?) – plus will give you the chance to show how your firm can benefit them. For the ultimate impact and chances of success, consider using live captioning to make sure your message is heard and understood – with or without the sound turned up.

Use Social Media More Creatively

Sure, writing regular posts and making updates to your social pages (and website) are essential for maintaining a strong online profile but there are several other ways you can piggyback your business on the strengths of the existing social channels:

Push Your Social Channels: As a rule, you should include your major social channels on everything you send out from your firm – from the footer on your emails to business cards and brochures. Also, if you’re hosting a conference or speaking publicly, don’t be afraid to include Twitter handle or Facebook address (even just unobtrusively featured in a corner).

Use Pinterest More: While it’s true Pinterest is one of the smaller social platforms, its ability for pinning and sharing images, infographics or videos is second to none. The service works particularly well for companies that operate in visually appealing or interesting sectors or that have a strong catalog of multimedia files.

Write Your Content With The End-User In Mind

Web marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art but, at its heart, lies quality content – information that will be of interest to your potential audience. The truth is, you could spend as much as you want trying to promote your site online but, if you don’t have good content underlying your marketing, you’ll be wasting both time and money.

When writing any content your firm publishes, always keep in mind the needs and interests of the end-user – note this applies equally whether the text is intended for social media or your own website. By writing for your user, you’ll be far more likely to gain their attention – plus will rank higher in search engines.

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