Any beer aficionado knows that nothing beats the relaxed atmosphere of a tap room, the smooth aftertaste of a specialty brew, and the individuality that encapsulates microbreweries. Not only do boutique breweries offer much more variation than run-of-the-mill, supermarket companies, but they also help promote small businesses—because who likes drinking to large enterprises.

San Francisco is home to a booming microbrewery market; the city has the same number of breweries as it did before prohibition. Not only are these local craft houses trendy, but they know their customers and are proud of the new and familiar faces that encapsulate the San Francisco beer culture. The following microbreweries have been chosen to give you an idea of what the best of San Francisco has to offer, without you even having to step foot inside of a Bay Area Beer Festival. Photo by Michel Curi

Triple Voodoo Brewery & Tap Room 

If you ever find yourself near the Dogpatch of San Francisco, Triple Voodoo Brewery & Tap Room is a must. With a wide variety of brews made in-house—from Mahogany Dreams, an American Brown Ale, to Hitch Hitchy’s Finest, referred to as “Mostly Sparkling Water”—everyone can find something they enjoy. Creative bar snacks can also be found on the menu, and outside food is allowed, proving the welcoming atmosphere of Triple Voodoo.

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Barrel Head Brewhouse

Located in the NoPa district of San Francisco, Barrel Head Brewhouse is in the upper echelon of microbreweries. With a brunch menu, dinner menu, on-site beer list, and a brewtail and cocktail menu, this brewhouse resides where hunger and aesthetics meet. With a Head Brewer who won Bronze at the 2018 World Beer Cup, it figures why locals plan events, weddings, parties, and happy hours around this well established microbrewery.

Ferment Drink Repeat

Built off of the idea that beer should be simplistic and comforting, Ferment Drink Repeat offers the warm hospitality of a neighborhood hang-out coupled with great tasting craft beers. While you’re sipping pretty on their bestsellers like the Wit Love Belgian Witbier or the Helles Afraid We’ll Take Over Munich Helles, you can mingle with the regulars by playing some of FDR’s complimentary boardgames. Ferment Drink Repeat truly emulates the down-to-earth nature of microbreweries, all while staying true to its roots—or should we say hops.

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Cellarmaker Brewing Company

Located in the SoMa district of San Francisco, Cellarmaker Brewery Company is a traditional-style microbrewery which is committed to keeping your palette intrigued by continuously creating new flavors. Because they stick to a small distribution scale, Cellarmaker Brew Co. has the freedom that many breweries are envious of—they can always switch up their production schedule to accommodate new flavor experiments. This microbrewery should make any San Francisco beer lover’s list, as it is the perfect place to expand your horizons with a multidimensional beer flight.

Anchor Brewing Company

Some might consider Anchor Brewing Company too large to be considered a microbrewery, as their distribution schedule is quite vast, but it is hard to pass up such a traditional San Francisco staple. With a pilot brewery and bar located in the Potrero Hill District, Anchor Brewing has touched the lives of many San Franciscans for centuries—dating all the way back to the gold rush of 1849. Although the founder, Gottlieb Brekle, may not have struck gold, he sure found a way to produce the closest thing to it—quality craft beer.

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Honorable Mention: Fieldwork Brewing Co.

Located on the other side of the Bay Bridge, Fieldwork Brewing Co. wins honorable mention on the list as it is not located directly in San Francisco, but a short drive away in Berkeley, California. This microbrewery had to be included as some consider it the best brewery in the Bay Area for its versatile malts and flavorful hops. Known for their popular IPA’s and their relaxed and casual atmosphere, Fieldwork Brewing Co. makes a perfect day trip outside of the hustle-and-bustle of San Francisco.

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Want to check these breweries out yourself? Simply click on a microbreweries’ corresponding picture to be directed to its website.

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