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In the digital age, the efficiency and security of a company’s IT infrastructure are pivotal to its success. As businesses grow, the complexity of their networks and systems also makes the roles of network and system administrators more crucial than ever.  

Deciding whether a network administrator or system administrator is more suitable for your business can take time and effort. This decision is influenced by various factors, including the specific needs of your business, the scale of your IT environment, and your strategic goals. 

Read on to learn about the network administrator and system administrator and which is right for your business.   

What Is A Network Administrator?  

A network administrator’s role is central to maintaining a company’s technological backbone. They’re tasked with the comprehensive management of the company’s network infrastructure, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and various network segments. This ensures all components function seamlessly together. Their duties involve setting up network environments, administering them efficiently, and regularly maintaining network integrity.  

Network administrators can promptly identify and resolve issues by continuously monitoring network performance. They also oversee the implementation of upgrades and enhancements to improve system capabilities and ensure ongoing network health and connectivity. 

While considering a network administrator, assessing how they integrate with existing IT services is vital. For example, utilizing Network 1’s IT services or similar options can enhance your network management with professional oversight,  

What Is A System Administrator?  

A system administrator plays a crucial role in ensuring the operational health of an organization’s computing systems. Their responsibilities extend to the company’s installation, maintenance, and support of software and hardware components. System administrators manage server environments, which is vital for the smooth operation of business applications and services. They’re also responsible for implementing robust data recovery and backup strategies to protect data integrity and ensure business continuity during system failure.  

Additionally, system administrators work to optimize system performance which is necessary to enhance efficiency and reliability across different departments and support the broader organizational infrastructure. 

Therefore, incorporating services by Sensible or similar providers can be an excellent option as they can effectively augment your system management needs. 

Choosing The Right Administrator For Your Business  

Choosing between a network administrator and a system administrator often hinges on the specific operational needs of a business. Here are some factors to consider: 

Scale And Complexity Of IT Infrastructure 

If your business has complex network setups or relies on uninterrupted online communication, a network administrator might be more suitable. They have the expertise to ensure robust connectivity and security protocols across extensive networks. Conversely, if your company heavily relies on multiple servers or cloud services, it might benefit more from the specialized skills of a system administrator. 

Security Needs  

Security is a paramount concern for any business. Network administrators are adept at managing firewalls, VPNs, and other cybersecurity measures that protect data transmitted across networks. System administrators, however, are crucial in safeguarding the data stored within the systems themselves through effective data backup strategies and malware protection measures. 

Operational Priorities  

Network administrators are indispensable if a company’s operational priority is to maintain a seamless flow of information across geographical boundaries. They manage the tools and protocols that facilitate this flow. On the other hand, a system administrator will be crucial if the priority is to ensure robust and scalable internal system performance. 

Long-Term Business Goals 

Your long-term business goals may also influence your choice. If your business wants to expand or scale your IT operations rapidly, a system administrator might be crucial in efficiently scaling up hardware and software resources. Alternatively, if you’re planning to increase your remote workforce or extend your market reach through online platforms, you might find a network administrator more aligned with your strategic goals. 

Cost Considerations  

Budget constraints also play a critical role in this decision. Typically, network administrators might require more specialized networking equipment and tools, which could increase overhead costs. System administrators might lead to higher costs if frequent software updates or server expansions are necessary. 

Training And Updates 

Both roles require continuous learning and updating skills to handle new technologies and threats. Investing in regular training for either a network or system administrator can dramatically enhance the security and efficiency of your business operations. 


Deciding between a network administrator vs. a system administrator is not just about choosing a role but aligning it with your business’s strategic needs and goals. Each administrator plays a distinct yet pivotal role in business IT infrastructures’ smooth and secure operation. By keeping the information mentioned above in mind, you can make an informed decision that supports your business objectives and ensures a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

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