A productive workforce is a happy workforce. When there are high levels of productivity within a workplace – what you tend to find is it’s due to the team being in a good headspace, and an effective management structure in place. Here, we discuss some online tools that help make businesses to be more productive and improve the overall processes and procedures.


Trello is a fantastic project management tool that can be utilised across most businesses. It allows you to manage workload and to get real-time info on where your team are in terms of project work (you can create checklists that they tick off as they go), and you can also time track. This means you can figure out how long it takes to complete each task and uncover any potential bottlenecks within operations.
It also allows you to assign users to specific tasks within teams so you know who is working on what, and you can watch cards/tasks to be notified of any updates or actions. This will help you keep on track of things. You can also utilise this to project individual client projects and add them to it. That way they have full transparency as to how things are going.

Zest Benefits

Zest Benefits is an employee benefits platform that will motivate your employees, and as a result make them much more productive. It is perfect for HR professionals within organisations as it streamlines any employee benefits within the company.
You can create a completely unique employee benefits experience that is bespoke to your organisation. You can enjoy benefit selections, automated payroll and much more. This will make the operations of your business much easier to run and will also boost morale of your team as they will see how much you appreciate them.

Microsoft Teams

In a world of hybrid working – Microsoft Teams has never been so important. There are many features to this that will boost productivity. First of all there is instant messaging where you can contact your employees instantly. You can also set up teams for relevant departments, so one for HR, marketing, management etc – so communications can be accessed by the right people.
File sharing is also a big thing when it comes to Teams. You can share to teams, make it so anyone can edit and access them at any time as long as you have teams. You can also share calendars, so you know when other people are free or busy internally which makes life a lot easier.


If you create a lot of online documents or send a lot of emails – then Grammarly is a great online tool to use. Here, you can either upload a document, or else copy and paste it onto the online tool, then select certain criteria such as whether you would like for the tone to be informal or professional.

At which point, Grammarly will then highlight any spelling, grammar, formatting and other issues that may be within your text. You can choose to accept or ignore the changes. There is a free version which you can use to get started – or else you can upgrade to premium where Grammarly is then much more granular in their feedback to create the perfect document. This saves so much time when it comes to proof reading documents over and over again.
If you are looking for online tools to boost the productivity of your workforce, then hopefully the ones we noted will be a good place for you to start.

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