Tips on learning how to use, make, or increase sales on Poshmark

Whether you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, use it as a side hustle, or make it a full time job, here are 9 tips on how to sell on Poshmark. These tips can also be applied to buyers who want to get the lowest price on items and need to know how to bargain and when something is at its lowest price. 

1. Pricing

Unless you want to list your item at your absolute lowest with the description “price is firm”, the best way to price your item is 20% more than you’re willing to accept. Buyers will always offer lower (usually around 50%), and by negotiating down to the 20% off price, buyers will more likely accept thinking they got a deal.

2. Offers

When a potential buyer bundles a single item in your closet (or several items) they’re usually hoping the seller sends them an offer. This is ideal for the seller because then they aren’t required to pay for part of the shipping which is the case for the “Offer to Likers” option. 

3. Damage Control 

To prevent return cases being opened against you for sold items it’s crucial to document any flaws your listed item has or may be an issue for the buyer. This could be as minor as a small scratch on the bottom of a shoe to wrong size listed. In the situation a case is opened, you want to have all the receipts to argue for your case–the more detailed your listing, the better (with pictures).

4. Price Drops on Fridays

A little secret to making sales and clearing out your closet is to use the “Offer to Likers” feature on the second Friday of every month. This is usually payday for most people, who are more willing to spend money, and likely to take advantage of the discounted shipping.

5. Sharing

Sharing your items multiple times a day is the key to making sales. Poshmark shows items by the most recent shares and with millions of other Poshers to compete with, staying current and updating your shares keeps you at the top of the list.

6. Style or Model

If you look good in it, wear it. Styling and taking good pictures is key to attracting buyers! Buyers want to see how the item will look on, or paired with other items they may already own.

7. Poshmark is a Social App

Making sure you not only share your items but others is also important. Share items filtered by your size and similar brands to attract buyers who have the same taste. 

8. For Sellers

It’s important to build your brand as a seller and to be strategic with your images as well as sharing order. When sharing items in your closet start with ones you want at the bottom of your closet e.g. a used storage container you bought at Target. Sharing your more valuable items last will put them at the top of your closet which will attract buyers e.g. NWT lululemon. You can also make your own ads in your closet by creating a graphic and listing it under the brand you want to target. During your Friday sales advertising a closet clear out will attract buyers to look through your closet. 

9. For Buyers

How do you know if the price being offered by the seller is the lowest they’ll go? If you’re going back and forth in countering prices with the seller, if they move down by only a few dollars you can tell they’re attached to a certain price and not willing to go much lower. On the other hand, if they drop the price by 10-50% they’re willing to negotiate. You can also apply the listing price rule from above to items not listed with the “price is firm” description. Usually offering 50% of a listing item is considered a reasonable offer that sellers will respond to, anything lower is considered “low balling” and may get you ignored or declined. 

Remember to have fun, bargain, be kind, and happy Poshing!

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