Commercial relocations are distinct from usual residential relocations. There are other measures you must take to pull one-off effectively. You can simplify your business’s moving and packaging process by preparing and investing in expert commercial movers.

Moving a company office can shift all too fast from exhilarating to daunting. Whether you are scaling up or just downsizing for more efficiency, relocating in or out of the city, there are many factors to consider. So if you are in a position to coordinate the relocation of the business, we have some important move advice for companies to make this procedure completely free of headaches.

Plan Early for The Move

Whoever coordinates your office move is definitely a person who’s already busy. It is a daunting task, so if you can prepare early, you can ask all the personnel in the office for some help and make that easier—and find a competent mover with plenty of time to spare.

A corporate relocation services company will be able to easily plan and organize the whole move in minimal time to your new premises, with the least interruption to your regular operations.

Start looking within the months before the move to spend time doing your research and giving the movers time to visit your premises and plan your move. Early planning gives you time to build a strategy with your professionals. Still, it is also helpful to organize this move with web-based project management tools that may help you manage your transfer’s activities and time frames.

Commercial relocations often require extremely particular dates due to the cost and legality of new and old buildings. However, they must be done quickly, and organizing your transit months in advance will make it easier for your movers, suppliers, and coworkers to fulfill their share of the shift on schedule.

Hire Your Commercial Relocation Company Early

Like any company, corporate relocation services providers get booked up fast. So be sure to book at least three months to secure the greatest deal. Leaving it too late to hire your mover will add an already difficult period to needless stress.

Besides, you will want to make sure that your company is well equipped for the work. It does not mean that you hire the same firm that helped you relocate home. A move to a business new location requires a lot of labor, equipment, and many staff, so search for a supplier with a warehouse to keep all your stuff if necessary, and for someone who can offer comprehensive project management services to guarantee the process runs well.

Communicate with Your Workers

Communicating with your staff is one of the crucial tips you need to consider while relocating your business. Make sure your workers are up to date on moving plans and schedules. Inform them of significant modifications and procedures at the new premise, including:

  • New or changed telephone and fax addresses
  • New building regulations
  • Packaging arrangement, among others, on the new place

You might encourage them to establish a moving checklist so that all key areas are addressed, and nothing is omitted. Although change can disturb employees, connecting with them can improve their morality.

Remember Your IT Equipment

The biggest inconvenience of business relocation is that all your technical equipment must be disconnected. If your IT equipment cannot be relocated delicately, you may always lose vital data that can greatly impact your employee’s capacity to perform efficiently.

Your IT Department must also be made aware of the new premises in which it moves to know any technical changes that will require consideration when shifting. To make your workplace relocation as smooth as possible, your IT team will prepare a plan on how they plan to transport your technical equipment, from computers to telephones to web designs.

Schedule Customer Meetings and Deadlines Properly

Give yourself and your employees a buffer zone surrounding the office for at least three days when there are no customer meetings and important deadlines. Nobody loves to go around to find a tidy meeting location, and it is rather stressful to have a bug report since your workstation was unpacked. Once your date has been set, note it and plan accordingly.

Update Your Address Everywhere

Be sure your customers know that approximately a week before you relocate and update your website, business cards, newsletters, and other advertising materials. Then, contact Google for a month to alter your web listing and address — it may take a little longer for you to be effective, as confirmation materials need to be submitted. Also, amend any suppliers so that future deliveries are addressed correctly.

With professional knowledge and the correct equipment, successful office movements and business relocations are quite achievable. Comprehensive planning and project management skills, along with a specialized fleet of vehicles, can make your transition to a new workplace simple.

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